Updated "What's in my bag" TAG

About a month ago the lovely Tina(All the Vanity)posted this TAG. I love reading or watching this TAG so I thought I should do an updated version of it(check out my older version here).
So let's start with the bag itself. I got it this past summer from Top-shop in Oxford street and I have been using it ever since. It is spacious and the color compliments a number of outfits.

These are the contents of my bag

*Car keys(and the garage opening thingy in the pouch next to the keys)
*Animal print tissues (from jumbo :P)
*My Vogue glasses(I am a tiny bit short-sighted)
*A petrol Clinique make-up bag the contents of which I will list later on ;)
*My tiny purple moleskin notepad and my swarovski pen.
*A black&Red coin purse in which I keep my cow-shaped hand warmer(La Senza).The coin purse was a gift from one of my Chinese students last summer.
*My Paul's Boutique ruffle wallet.
*And my D&G sunglasses.
I also carry my house keys but I couldn't find them that morning(FAIL)so I took a separate photo...:P
Now on to my make-up bag and it's contents:

*hair ties
*small hair clips
*A mini hair brush from the Body Shop.
*A travel-sized Chloe parfum
*Some setting powder in a Sephora container.
*A 4 in 1 mini nail file by AVON(a life-saver)
*A Nature's Minerals Kabuki blush brish(The Body shop)
*My Burt's Bees honey lip balm
*An ELF Hypershine lipgloss in "Flirt"
*A Dior Addict Ultra gloss reflect in 657
*A Guerlain palette which is great for travelling. This is the chocolate brown one. There is also a black one that I would love to get my hands on ;)
So, as Tina said: What do you think??Too much, too little or just about enough?
I am not great with tagging people but I would love to see any Greek Beauty Bloggers (whom you should definately check out!I have their links on the side of my blog)that haven't done this to do it ;)
Have fun.


  1. Love these post too! :))
    Δεν νομιζω οτι κουβαλας πολλα..!

    Εγω εχω ενα βιντεακι αφιερωμενο σ'αυτο..

    Πολλα φιλια

  2. litotita...den kouvalas polla. simfono me tin prolalisasa. pantos exeis liga alla kala (guerlain palette hmmm)

  3. Thanks for the shout-out love! :)
    Loved seeing the contents of your handbag! :))
    And what you carry is definitely well thought of, nth excessive!!! ;)


  4. @Artemi: to eida to videaki sou cherie!! :p
    les na mhn kouvalaw polla e??
    @LadyD: fainontai liga sthn photo. Kamia fora kanw add. it depends on where I am going. Alla ok prospathw na mhn thn tigkarw. Thn paletta thn exw xronia alla den thn apoxwrizomai...!einai teleia gia touch up h gia na paw from day to night an xreiastei.
    @Tina: No prb hun :)
    I like the phrase "well thought of" it makes me feel better :P


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