I ♥ owls NOTD

Quick NOTD from me today featuring my attempt to do an owl nail design....!!!I really wanted to have more than one owls on my nails but I did start working recently and I didn't think it was appropriate. I chose a nude base which is my all time favourite Essie "Sand Tropez" (swatches HERE). I also made the owl using OPI's "Barefoot in Barcelona" which is relatively nude as well.
Anyway.....take a look and let me know whether you like it or not. Also keep in mind that I am not the most talented person when it comes to designs so please be lenient.

What do you think??Decent?? :P



Quick NOTD featuring Zoya "Daul"

I am sorry I've been absent for so long but I've been quite busy and not in the best mood to be honest. But that's not really something that should concern you guys!! :) :)
So here is my NOTD. I used this new nail varnish by Zoya called "Daul". It is somewhat difficult to explain what the colour looks like. It is an super shimmery varnish but the glitter is so fine that shows up almost as a sheen on the nail even though the particles are visible. The base colour is a purple (mid toned grape I'd call it...if that makes any sense) and the glitter particles are mainly gold.
Here are some photos....

The photos don't do this varnish justice. It is gorgeous and in my opinion perfect for the holidays.
What do you think?


p.s. I had my nails done on Monday morning and these photos were taken today. I think it looks pretty good....!I have experienced chipping with my other zoya varnishes but this holds up pretty well from what I can tell.


Scarves & How to organise them...

So today I have a different post for you. I love love looooove scarves and I have lots of them. For the longest time I was storing them in one of my drawers. That made it very difficult for me to find the scarf I wanted quickly and easily. So, about a year ago, I went on a hunt to find the perfect organisational solution for my scarves. I ended up picking up a very handy IKEA item. It is a type of accessory hanger with 28 circles. It is pretty basic actually but it is also very handy if you are looking for an easy and inexpensive way to organise your scarves.
So here is how I do it...
I hang the item in question on the outside of my wardrobe. Then I lay all my scarves on the bed and start the grouping process. I group them according to print(if I have more than one of the same print), shape, size or colour. Having said that, I also colour-code my wardrobe so if you're not a neat freak like me you can skip the grouping. Grouping the scarves makes it easier to find when you are in a hurry, though...;)
The mess....and how I sorted it out....

 Silk/Square                                             Infinity                                               Rectangular/Long

 Animal Print                                          Skull Print                                               Vintage


Then...just place them on the hanger....
Here is the "finished product"...


In my wardrobe...

I know this might look trivial but I hope that some people will benefit from it.As always...let me know what you think in the comments...! 


October Favourites!!

Well well......I know it is the 9th of November and my favourites are pretty late but I have been bed-bound for the past couple of days with a nasty cold. However I am feeling slightly better today so I thought I should do this post for you guys...!

So, my make-up this month was pretty minimal and repetitive. I loved dark lips and nude eyes with a hint of red or plum. I ,also, loved clean skin and minimal lashes for the morning time. I really didn't go out much this month so wasn't concerned with evening looks. 
So here is the list of the products...
Maybelline Collosal Volume express Smoky Eyes
No7 Stay Perfect primer
Garnier BB Cream (combination/oily skin)
Essence Blush Brush
MAC "Deeply Adored" lipstick(from the Marilyn Monroe collection)
YSL Gloss Volupte in number 8
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipstick in "Boy"
MAC e/s in "Vainglorious" (from the Venomous Villains collection)
Barry M Dazzle Dust in "88"
Urban Decay eyeshadow transforming potion
MAC MSF Natural in "medium"
NARS "Sin" Blush
MAC blush in "Legendary" (from the Marilyn Monroe collection)

Next are my skincare/haircare favourites...
Le Petite Marseillais Miel De Lavande (Lavender Milk) shower gel
Bioderma(loooooooove iiiiiiit)
M&S Fig and Orange Oil handcream
Kerastase Elixir Ultime
Organix Coconut Milk conditioner
Aaaand last but not least some accessories favourites for the month of October...
Heart Pendant by Forever 21
Vintage earrings (my grandmother's) gold and fresh water pearls in a grapevine shape
Gold Bracelet(my mom's godfather made this)
Michael Kors rose gold watch (MK 5128)

That is all for my October Favourites...!What did you love the month of October?


Birthday Haul!

This is going to be a short but sweet post featuring some presents I got for my birthday. I loved all of them so I thought I should show you guys!!

I am sorry about the bad lighting and mediocre quality but I still haven't managed to buy a new camera. I will do so soon though.

Is this the cutest wall clock you've ever seen or what?!The eyes glow in the dark as well...

Some make-up goodies...
Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay & Sephora Mat lipstick in number 4(this has been discontinued but the amazing Lydia found it and picked it up for me).

Accessorize goodies...
Coin purse with owl, wing earrings and a 3-pair set with owls, bows and hearts. (can you tell I love owls yet?)

           Medium-sized china-blue satchel from Accessorize as well(is it just me or have they upped their game lately?). I've been wanting a satchel for the longest time so I'm very excited!!
The scarf was also a present and it is, also, from Accessorize. I have other skull scarves but this is unique. The skulls are candy skulls and the colour is an amazing deep blue which is perfect for this time of year.

That is all for my little birthday haul. I'd like to thank my wonderful friends for their amazing presents but most of all I'd like to thank them for celebrating with me this year. It was great!!I had loads and loads of fun!!


Giveaway winner announcement...!!

Hey my lovely readers,

I hope your month started better than mine and that you are enjoying the autumny weather...!
So this is my giveaway winner announcement......
Drumroll please.......

And the winner is.........    Entry #234Panagiwta S. 

Congratulations girlie...!!!!I have e-mailed you. Please e-mail me back within 24 hours so I can arrange to send you the prizes.

I also want to say I huge thank you to everyone who entered and to all the new people who are now following my blog. I hope you stay tuned.... :)