The miracle of the Cloud Gate dance Theatre of Taiwan...

Yesterday night I went to the National Music Hall (in Athens that is) and watched "Moon water" performed by the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan. It is the second show I have watched and I was blown away by the beauty of the movements.

Loads of incredible shapes, flowy and fluid motion, passion and meaning. The dancers are so incredibly flexible but yet so graceful. It almost feels like there isn't anything their bodies could not do. It is amazing how many feelings came rushing back to me...!

For the duration of the piece I could not take my eyes off the stage and I ended up hating the 4 women sitting right infront of me because they kept talking and moving hence stealing away precious moments of silence and concentration by distracting me.

I also felt blessed that I was at an angle(height-wise) since I strongly believe this show should be watched from high above. That way you can really appreciate the countless shapes the dancers' bodies create.

The music of J.S.Bach was mind-blowing and the choreography just made the music even more interesting. It was almost like a story was presented to us...a story which could be interpreted in a number of ways. The discourse of the dancing bodies can be "read" in accordance to each individual's life experiences and state of mind and that is what GREAT art does. It makes the spectator feel rather than think and think rather than fixate.

What I saw, thought and felt was : Awareness, the light and reflections of the moon onto the water, human versatility, love and compassion, the difficulties within human relationships, the two halves of one entity, shapes, closeness and finally perfect allignement of the moving body!Overall....sensational & mindblowing!!

If you have the chance to catch any of their shows do not hesitate even for a second!

This is their website :http://www.cloudgate.org.tw/eng/
I got the picture above from this uk website: http://www.ballet.co.uk/gallery/jr_cloud_gate_dance_theatre_moon_water_swt_0408/jr_cloud_group_reflection_83_500



A dream come true!

In this Year's Film Festival in Thessaloniki the film "Rosmarinus Officinalis" won the 3rd short-fim award. For all of us who worked hard to make this film it feels great to know that our work has been recognized!! As far as I am concerned...I loved working in this film and although it was my first "job" after getting my degree...I could not ask for a better start!


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