Fall '09

Well it is hard to pick and choose designers and designs from this fall's collections. However, in an attempt to pick what I think is the most interesting (from an artistic point of view)I would pick Jil Sander's amazing geometrically challenging pieces. Although some of her pieces are a little extravagant (but then haute couture generally is), I feel strangely drawn to them. Here is a little sample :

Then, I feel the need to talk about Karl Lagerfeld's designs for Chanel (they are wonderfully weird and yet so classy and well-put together at the same time)as well as the trouser come-back (in all shapes, forms and fits).

There is so much more that I could talk about but,instead, I am going to let you explore the rest on your own.

Have fun.


U.K. Shopping!!!

Hello again!!!
So, these are all the make-up products I bought from the U.K.
NARS "LAGUNA" bronzer (looooove this btw), MAC 239 brush, No7 concealer brush, MAC "Internationalist" dazzleglass, Ardell 105 lashes, Urban Decay Primer Potion (finally.....:D) and Barry M dazzle dust (3, 39 and 51).

Now as I said I love the Laguna bronzer. I also love the dazzleglass and the dazzle dusts. Primer potion is amazing and I dread the moment I am going to run out. And as far as the lashes go I cannot tell you yet because I haven't used them. Anyway...let me know what you guys think.


I am back!!(mini update)

Hey everyone. I am back from the U.K. unfortunately. I had an amazing time even though I was working for most of it. However, I managed to see all my friends in London (I miss you guys already)and that, of course, means that I also did some shopping. I will be sharing my beauty purchases with you all tomorrow. I feel the need to say that I had to restrain myself from buying more products but I kind of regret not buying a NARS blush simply because I can't find NARS over here. But I hope I will be able to get it through the website soon. Anyway...that is all for now.