This is a quick post to say Thank you to all you guys who made it possible for me to reach my first follower-milestone!I am greatful to all 100 of you and of course everyone else who reads my blog. I have been blogging since 2008however I ,only, started beauty-blogging(if that is even a term)about two years ago. I love working on posts and every comment makes me smile. I know 100 is not that many but to me it seems like such a blessing to have 100 people who are interested in things you write, create and think!!!
Expect a giveaway from me very soon. It won't be huge however it will be a way for me to show how happy and greatful I am that you guys are interested in my blog.
I hope every single one of you is well and happy!!!!!!!
Once more THANK YOU all soooooo much for helping me reach 100 "followers". It might seem so few to some but it seems like a million to me.
Last but not least, I would love for you to comment on this post with requests for future posts and/or suggestions for the blog as a whole.
I will be back with a collective haul very soon and right after that it will be time for a giveaway so stay tuned!
:D :D :D


"Brights" : The most exciting Spring trend....

Hello my dear readers. I am so sorry it took me almost 8 days to post something but I had a pretty eventfull week. However I am back with a look inspired by a Spring 2011 trend. As most of you already know brights are back and bolder than ever so I thought I should create a fun and easy look for you using one some of my favorite blues and teals. It is an extremely simple yet very bold look. If you are confident enough, and daring enough to rock it then go ahead.
Products I used for this look(in order):
Too Faced shadow insurance
Kryolan Supracolor in G82

MAC "Haunting" eyeshadow (this was limited edition however any teal)

Sleek dip-it eyeliner
I used Kryolan's supracolor for a more glossy look and I powdered the supracolor lightly with a blending brush using "Haunting".
Here is the look...

I hope you enjoyed this post!Have an amazing weekend my dears!


Review: Maybelline "One by One" Volum' Express mascara

Hello my lovelies!How are you?
I have a review for you guys today. I have to start by saying that I am a fan of Maybelline mascaras.I have tried several of them in the past and they are definately my favorite drugstore brand mascaras. One of my all-time favorite Maybelline mascara is the "Lash stiletto volume" on which I, also, have a mini review *here* .
Now, today I have a photo-review for you(if there is such a thing :P). I took before and after pictures as well as photos of the product itself so you can judge for yourself as well as reading my review.So, here are the photos...
The product/packaging

No mascara

Shu Uemura eye-lash curler

Lashes curled

One coat of mascara

Two coats of mascara
Gorgeous color and packaging
Jet black
Effortless application
Nice formula
No extra curl
Not an evening mascara
A tiny tiny bit of clumping when the second coat is applied(however this is easily "fixed" with a lash comb)
All in all I wouldn't say that it is an HG product but I do like it a lot. Do keep in mind that I only bought it a couple of days ago because I ran out of mascara. So, for the last couple of days I have been trying it out and playing with it and let me tell you that it also works great as an evening mascara if you coat it with another, more dramatic lash product.
That is all I have to say for this product and I really appreciate the time you've taken to read this review. And, as always, I'd love to read your feedback on the product and/or my review!
Hope you are all well and enjoying Spring.


Lady Gaga Viva Glam II Lipstick

Hello my lovely readers!I have some swatches of the Lady Gaga Viva Glam II Lipstick for you today. I have fallen in love with this lipstick the moment I swatched in the shop but I hesitated to buy it because of the price (18 euros). I am not a big lipstick person to be honest. I have around 15 lipsticks and I barely wear 5 of them. But after trying it on I absolutely loved how it looked on me and, also, I thought it would be a great nude for someone who has really pigmented lips(exactly like myself) because it really cancels out their natural colour, but at the same time it is not too tip-ex like...!:P
So, before I managed to pick it up my mom went over to a MAC counter and picked it up for me!You gotta love moms who are understanding towards their daughters' make-up addiction! ;)
Anyhow...here are the photos...!Please do keep in mind that my lipstick doesn't have the Lady Gaga signature on it. I am not sure exactly why however I did my research and apparently there is some kind of copyright issue involved. I really don't care about the signature since I am not a collector as such. I love the colour regardless of the packaging and I have to say that since I got it I have been wearing it on my lips every day!That's all for today guys!Enjoy the photos and let me know what you think! ;)