October Favorites!!

Hello my lovely readers! It is the end of October in a couple of days and November is almost here so I thought it would be a great time to do my October favorites post!! First item is still the lasting perfection conceal by Collection 2000.
I still love it but I am almost out. I have a back-up at home but I am looking for a new concealer until I then. If you have any reccomendations I would love to hear them. I am thinking of going back to my studio sculpt concealer by MAC however I am also looking for something a little more creamy like the bobbi brown creamy concealer. What do you guys think? Next favorite is the Viva Glam Gaga 2 lipstick by MAC. I love dabbing a little bit on my lips in the morning and blending it with my finger. It gives me great nude, matte look.
This month, I am also loving the Sigma F80 flat top kabuki brush! It is amazing and I cannot wait to receive an order I placed with Sigma a couple of days ago(which includes 2 more brushes from their synthetic line and an e/s brush).
The next two items are skincare items from lush and apivita. The first one is the Lush Tea tree toner and the second one is the apivita creamy facial cleaner.
They are both must-have items for me and I use them every day. Last but not least, I am absolutely loving my travel sized Guerlain palette. I have had this palette for at least 3 years and it has been well loved. This month I have been, especially, loving mixing the blush and bronzer and using it as a cheek colour. I cannot explain what colour it comes out exactly but it looks fantastic.
And...my look of the month has been my Adele inspired look(I think I will feature the favorite look of the month in all my monthly favorites from now on...what do you guys think????)
What have you been loving this month? xoxo A.


My Christmas wishlist!!

Goodmorning lovelies,

This morning I was inspired by Evi's Christmas wishlist post (http://cbsg5861.blogspot.com/2011/10/my-christmas-wishlist.html)to do my own. And since it is a little early for a Christmas Wishlist let's just say that this counts as my birthday wishlist as well since that is only 2 and a bit weeks away.
I love reading these posts and I am a compulsive list writer(btw if there isn't such a thing, there should be)so it is the perfect opportunity to do this.
Now, the first thing on my list is Flowerbomb perfume by Victor and Rolf. I love my Chloe perfume and I wear it every day but I always like having a special perfume for special occasions and this year I would love for this perfume to be "Flowerbomb".

The second thing on my list is the Soleil tan de Chanel.
I have been wanting this for ever and hopefully, this year, I will get it!

The next thing on my list is the Chanel Rouge Allure in "Famous" which is from the Holiday 2011 collection.

**image taken from http://www.chanel.com/en_US/fragrance-beauty/Makeup-Lipstick-ROUGE-ALLURE-88903 **
Item number 4 on my list is a "Keep calm and carry on" poster because I need it...(enough said...)

**Photo taken from amazon.co.uk"
Next thing on my list is a travalo. For those of you who don't know what that is it is a little gadget that allows you to carry your perfume with you at all times.

Here is their website: http://www.travalo.com/
Item number 6 on my list is NARS creme blush in "Enchanted". I have been wanting this blush for a very long time and I hope that I will be able to get my hands on it this year.

Item mumber 7 is these Marc Jacobs earrings!Aren't they great?

**Image taken from http://www.net-a-porter.com/ " **
Item number 8 is Zoya "Kelly" nailpolish.

Item 9(just one more to go...)is a faux fur hood/hat. I really need one of those where I am at the moment. I saw two that I really love at asos.com and here they are:
The last thing on my list is a Marc Jacobs bag that I fell in love with a couple of weeks ago.

**Image taken from http://www.net-a-porter.com/ " **
That is my list!I hope you like it!Iwould love to know which items are on your list!!


Lush Haul!

Hello my dears!

I went shopping yesterday(to try and keep myself sane)and I decided to get some stuff from Lush! I have to say that I was quite shocked to see a Lush here but as I tweeted with Evi(http://cbsg5861.blogspot.com/) yesterday, I bought a couple of stuff and immediately got over my shock :P
So here is my little haul...

I got 2 Tea tree tablets (they are small tablets that you put in boiling water and use the steam that comes out to open your pores and cleanse them).
I haven't tried them yet so I can't tell you my thoughts but I will do a review soon.

Then, I bought the Sea Salt facial scub. I was drawn to this product for a long time but I only just picked it up yesterday. It is a creamy scrub with sea salt, lime, coconut and grapefruit. I did try this yesterday and I have to say it is not as harsh as I thought it was going to be and it does leave the skin glowing.

Last but not least I bought the Tea Tree Water which is a toner. I didn't have a toner because I left mine at home so I wanted something to "replace" it with. This product doesn't seem special but I can tell you with some confidence that it is a nice gentle toner that cleans and refreshes the skin. For the last couple of weeks I have been using the Body Shop's tea tree oil (mixed with mineral water) as a homemade toner but I wanted something a little more sophisticated.

This is all I got!I hope you like it!Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what you thought of them!!
You should also expect a review on all 3 products.

On my nails: Chanel - Vendetta (LE)

Ta-da my dears!!!!


September Favorites!

Just a quick post to let you know which products I have been using the most this month!
But before I get into it I would like to say that I am super happy to have 150 followers. It might seem like nothing to some but it means a great deal to me so thank you all! :)
Now, the products I have been using the most this month are:
UD Naked palette (no surprise there)

My Sigma F80 brush (I am IN LOVE with this brush)

Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer(It gives great coverage and lasts a long time)

ELF mineral blush in Coral (Great matte blush...I recommend you get your hands on it)
And last but not least the YSL faux cils mascara which is on the pricey side but definately worth the money!

I hope you like this month's favorites!What were your favorites this month?