How to : Pack a carry-on for a long haul flight.

Ahoy peeps,

How are you all doing??Firstly let me just thank everyone who entered my giveaway. :)
Then, I will get right into today's post which is unlike anything I've ever posted. I am about to get on a long-haul flight (details to follow) and I am packing like a crazy person, even though I have quite a bit of experience in the packing department. So, I thought I would share my tips and tricks with you all and show you what my carry-on looks like.
I know a video might have been more helpful but I broke- down everything as much as I possibly could so you can have a good idea and insight on what I have chosen to put in my carry-on. Please note that if you want more info on what everything is please look at the pictures carefully. There is some "hidden" info in there.
Let's get on with it... ;)

Starting with my carry-on this is what I am taking:

It is an American Tourister ,by Samsonite, cabin-sized suitcase in a magenta colour. There are a few compartments, a built-in lock and a plastic pouch that snaps and un-snaps according to the traveller's needs. 

Now as for the contents, I will start with clothing. I always carry a change of clothes, a set of pyjamas, some underwear and a pair of socks. 

Next up we have some accessory-essentials (a neck warmer, gloves and a beanie). These are essential since it is about 1 degree Centigrade at my destination.

And, of course, a travel pillow and a blanket (I have a wool cape that will double as a blanket) that will make your long flight (or, in my case, flights)a bit more tolerable.

The next two pictures are definitely an indication that a beauty blogger has packed this suitcase...
Firstly, we have skincare items....

And then, make-up items. 

Next up we have a separate pouch with some essentials. I chose a plastic pouch from Primark. 

Of course, important documents(including travel documents), memorabilia, electronic devices, chargers and valuables should be on board with you rather than in your checked luggage. 

After double-checking that I have everything I need, I make sure my suitcase is well packed and then I add a few items(e.g. an umbrella that I almost forgot) and here is the result of 3 hours of work ;) 

Now, you might be thinking that I haven't really given you much advice on how to do this if you are not a frequent traveller. Don't worry my loves, I got you covered...!Here are my top 10 tips(in no particular order)for packing a carry-on for a long-haul flight, and an extra 6 tips that will help you to be more comfortable during long flights.  

Tips Vol 1(packing)

Tip # 1
Take a change of clothes, some underwear and something you could sleep in
The possibility of your checked luggage being lost or left behind in one of your transit flights is ever present so make sure you are prepared in case you find yourself having to wait an extra 3 days for your suitcase.

Tip # 2
Take advantage of the plethora of samples you have in your collection(yep I know you do)
Samples are a great way to limit the amount of stuff you are packing. All in all, samples are handy and packing-friendly. 

Tip # 3
Pack some essential medicine
Painkillers, motion sickness pills, a natural sleep-aids(such as valerian) and plasters should be more than enough however if you need any other kind of medication make sure to pack that too. 

Tip # 4
Check, double check and triple check your travel documents
This is pretty self-explanatory really but I believe it is an essential tip. 

Tip # 5
Separate items according to their use and place them in pouches/cosmetic bags.
By separating items this way, you will be able to easily find them in your carry-on.

Tip # 6
Make a list of all the things you absolutely MUST pack.
That way you can go through the list as you are packing, and you can make sure you haven't forgotten anything important.

Tip # 7
Charge all your electronics the night before and don't forget to pack converters.
You will need your electronics to listen to music, read, watch films etc so make sure they are fully charged before you go and that you have all the necessary "equipment" to charge them at your destination.

Tip # 8
Put all of your liquids in a clear zip-lock bag. Make sure none of your containers exceed 100 ml and the bag they are in has a capacity of up to one litre.
Security is very tight in most international flights, and for good reason. Safety is the most important thing when it comes to flying. Tip 8 reflects what most airlines will allow you to carry. Please check with your airline before packing.

Tip # 9
Before choosing a carry-on, consult your airline to make sure it is the optimum size and, of course, make sure it doesn't exceed the weight limitations. 

Tip #10
Pack any valuable items in your carry- on instead of your checked luggage. 
Checked luggage is most likely to be damaged, delayed or lost. 

Tips Vol 2 (beauty and comfort)

Tip # 1
A small blanket, a sleeping mask and a travel pillow are great investments. They will help you feel more comfortable on board.

Tip # 2
Fight all urges to wear make-up. And if you end up doing so, make sure you can easily remove it on board.

Tip # 3
Buy a small empty spray bottle and make your own pillow and linen mist using a few drops of your favourite relaxing essential oil and some tap water. 
You can take the mist with you on board and spray it on your travel pillow, to help you sleep, or you can spray it before leaving your house to get to the airport. 

Tip # 4
Wear comfortable and warm clothing and shoes. Choose layers that you can easily manipulate in case of temperature changes. I always feel pity for the women wearing high heels and tight jeans on an 8+ hour flight. Surely you have leggings, flats and a cute jumper in your closet.

Tip # 5
Drink plenty of water and treat your skin with a rich moisturiser (or even a mask) as often as needed. The air in a plane is dry and it will suffocate your skin so make sure to hydrate it from the inside as well as the outside. 

Tip # 6
Take some snacks with you on board. Airlines have a set schedule when it comes to food but that doesn't mean your body will necessarily follow that schedule to the T. 
Cereal bars, crackers, dried fruit and nuts are some great choices.

Aaand we are done!!!I really do hope this post will be helpful to you guys. I put a lot of time and effort to pass on these words of travel-wisdom and I am hoping you will take something away from them.
I will talk to you all from across the pond, very very soon!




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