NYX 10 color eyeshadow palettes!!

My dear followers,

Even though this day started off being pretty horrible I thought I should turn it around with a nice post for you!
After a NYX related discussion I had with some lovely beauty bloggers on Twitter I was asked to do a little review and also post some swatches of my NYX eyeshadow palettes!So, here they are...!

1.For Your eyes only/Mysterious brown eyes palette


2.From the Runway Collection the Champaign and Caviar palette


Now there isn't that much to say about them other than the fact that they are amazing!!The pigmentation is great, they are very easily blendable and with a primer they stay on for a good number of hours. Also. there is a wide range of colors in the different palettes NYX offers which means there is something for everyone and of course they are very affordable. I have been using them for a year and a half and as you can see I've hit pan on loads of the colors. The only thing I would say is that it would be better if there were more matte colors in there. Other than that I think that for around 8 dollars you get a great palette with 10 eyeshadows, no less, which is excellent value for money.
Now, I'd like to know if you guys own any of those palettes or even singe NYX eyeshadows and how you like them!
Hope you found this helpful.



  1. Eisai grhgorh!!!
    Poly wraies oi skies oles..eidika sthn prwth paleta mou arese poly h proteleytaia pou fainetai na exei auto to duo-chrome(to kataskotwsa mallon!)
    Polla filia!

  2. e...mou phre kai merikes meres :P
    Mia xara htan kai to duo chrome...;)
    I'm glad you liked them :)

  3. The caviar one looks gorgeous!!Love those palettes with those kind of eyeshadows!!!
    Thanks for the swatches hun!!!

  4. I love these palettes. I own the "green eyes palette" and the "smokey eyes palette" and I find myself reaching for them almost every day. They are pigmented and very affordable. I'd like it if there were more matte ones too! xxx

  5. love the second palette! i will have to try those!!!
    thanks for this :)


  6. @Irene: no prb!!I hope you can see the colors and stuff. My camera is not that good but I think the photos are quite true to the colors. :)

    @Arietta: How do you like the smokey eyes palette?I am already thinking about purchasing more to be honest...;)

    @Leigh: No prb!!thank you for stopping by and commenting! :D

  7. Ah, the Champaign and Caviar one has been on my list for ages now..
    although realistically I don't need any more neutral-ish eyeshadow (or eyeshadow in general for that matter, lol)!!!
    They would make excellent palettes to travel with though, so theres sth to think about!!!

    Great swatches!!!

  8. @tina
    I kind of needed a palette with some neutrals.As it turns out this is great value for money, as I mentioned b4, and also great for travelling as you said. I took them to the U.K with me last summer and they didn't budge.think about it ;)

  9. Pwpw des edw trypes stis skies, fainetai oti tis latreueis!! :) Yperoxa xromatakia!! :) x


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