Valentine's day lips...

Hello my dears.How are you?

So, I have to start by saying I don't like Valentine's day not because I am not in love at the moment but because I am generally not a fan. Even when I was in love I thought it was a bit pointless if you count out the presents(yes I can be that shallow some times :P). However it is a popular holiday and lots of you guys out there might have plans. Those could be in the form of a date or a night out with the girls. Either way I thought I should do a series of posts with make-up for Valentine's day.
This first post is lip colors for the day starting with a classic red with a twist.
For this I used Clinique's Colour Surge Lipstick in number 11 "Vintage Red". Unfortunately it didn't come up great in the picts but it doesn't matter. You can use any red you have. The twist is that I used the tiniest bit of Vanilla pigment in the center of the lips. Again you can use any cream coloured shadow with a goldish tint.If you're gonna go for this bold lipcolour then dial down the eyes. A great idea would be to do a nude eye with a winged black liner.

Then, I would recommend a medium toned pink lipstick. I used "Speed Dial" (creamsheen) by MAC. This is a nice lip colour for a number of different eye looks.

Last but not least a nude lip. I used a pinkish toned lipliner to line and fill in my lips. Then I blotted with a tissue and added a small amount of gloss (Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect in number 657.

Hope you liked this post. Expect an eye look very soon!



  1. Great ideas...
    Θα προτιμησω μαλλον ενα κλασσικο pin up look κ θα δοκιμασω κ το κολπακι με την σκια..

  2. wraio kai klassiko...!Egw tha ekana ena aplo smokey me nude lip. ;)

  3. Lovely post!!! A few great ideas for Valentine's lips!!!

    Btw, I think Speed Dial looks beautiful on you!


  4. Your lips look so gorgeous! Love the post very much ! :)

  5. @Tina: Thanks! I like speed dial on my lips and it looks nice with my skintone but it kind of crashes with my haircolor..!I'll make it work though :P

    Thanks so much for you comment!I'm glad you like the post.


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