New Garnier Fructis Nutri-Repair Yellow Series Review

Hello my lovely readers...
The weekend is upon us and I thought I should take some time between cleaning and re-arranging things in my room, to write this review.
About two weeks ago I received some new products from Garnier. They came in a lovely yellow box....

Before you ask, no I wasn't asked to do a review. I merely thought it might be helpful for someone who is thinking about purchasing one or more of these products.
In the box there were 4 hair products which are part of the new Fructis Nutri Repair series for dry, dehydrated and damaged hair. My hair is not dry however it is somewhat damaged and dehydrated. So I gave these products a try to see whether they are compatible with my hair. Also it took me a little longer than expected to do this review since I wanted to give these products a real go before telling you what I think.
Now, I will break this review down so it is easier to follow!Hope that this way works for you! :)
First of all here are the products:
                                      Product Number one: Fortifying Shampoo

My opinion:
I like this shampoo and I would recommend it for people who need the extra moisture and are looking for an affordable shampoo. I like using different shampoos throughout the week because if I stick to one my hair get used to it quickly and it stops "working". So currently, I am using this, the Mythic Oil shampoo and my trusty Head and Shoulders. That way I get the best of everything.

Product Number two: Conditioner

My opinion:
I am not one to use conditioner every day so I have only used this 4 times. From what I've seen it works well with the shampoo. It gets rid of the knots and leaves the hair shiny. My only advice would be to only use it at the ends of your hair if your roots are prone to being oily (like mine are). However that is the case for every conditioner I have tried.

Product Number three: Instant Repair Mask 

My opinion:
This is a very moisturising mask which would suit busy lifestyles in the sense that because it is instant(meaning you don't have to wait to rinse it off) it would be ideal for people on the go.
This is a product that I would only use once a week to avoid build-up. However a family friend who has curly/dry hair and happened to try this the other day, thought that it was great. As you can see so much depends on your hair type...!!

                                  Product Number four: One Minute Hair Mask                                  

My opinion:
I am sorry to say that this is the only product that really didn't work for me. Of course, that is because it was way to heavy for my thin and oily hair. It definitely moisturised my hair and made it shiny but the weight of the product was too much for my hair. So.....my auntie called dibs and I will be giving it to her to try out. She has dry and damaged hair so it will be interesting to see how it works out for her.

Hope this review helped, if you are thinking about buying any of these products.


NOTD: Essie "To buy or not to buy"

Soooooooo here is a brief post featuring my NOTD which is Essie's "To buy or not to buy"...!Enjoy....



How much does my "face" cost ??

So this "tag" has been going around for a while now and I was really intrigued by the outcomes so I thought it would be great to do it as well so here it is....!!!
I made a list of the products I use on a daily basis and looked up the prices. Some might not be 100% accurate but it is close enough...;)
Anywaaaay....let's get on with this post before I start rambling...;)
Here are the products...


  • Garnier BB cream Combination to Oily skin (loving this at the moment btw...) : 9.99 
  • Laura Mercier Loose setting powder : 40 
  • NARS "Laguna" Bronzer : 35 
  • Collection 2000 lasting Perfection Concealer : 5.30 
  • MAC "Peaches" Blush : 22 € 
  • NARS eyeshadow primer : 25 
  • No7 e/s in "Wheatsheaf" : 8.70 
  • NYX e/s in "True Taupe" : 5 € 
  • NO7 eye pencil in "10 Brown" : 8 
  • YSL Faux Cils mascara : 28 
  • Body Shop Brow and Lash Gel : 11 
  • Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipstick in "Boy" : 28 
This is what I use on an every day basis and/or when I am going through a routine make-up phase. 
Now let's calculate the total.....(drumroll....).........= 225.99 
I was kind of expecting it to be honest with you all...!!I mean the powder alone costs 40 euro. However all the products mentioned above last a long ....LONG time and have been well loved so that kind of dials down the shock factor for me...!!
Anyway guys...hope you liked this short post and you are all "tagged" to do this post...!Believe me it is worth doing it just to see how much you have been spending on your everyday make-up products.



TEO hair design and L'oreal Professionnel Event!!

So....most of you might have read some tweets from beauty bloggers featuring their new hair styles/colours etc. All those amazing styles are courtesy of the TEO and L'oreal Professionnel teams.
Yesterday, we had the opportunity to attend a presentation at TEO's salon at Glyfada. Ok, so I'll admit it was a bit of a treck for me to get there but it was totally worth it.
The event started with some coffee and snacking while socialising (I finally met some lovely bloggers!!!!). Then we were invited to take a seat for the presentation. During the presentation we were introduced to the TEO team and we were joined by the owner of the brand Mr George T. Sfakianakis.
This introduction was followed by a presentation of the history of TEO, the Autumn trends, the services available at the TEO salon as well as the new L'oreal products and services.
Here are some photos...

Mr Sfakianakis is pointing at his father (TEO himself) in the photo....guess who is standing on the left...yep it is Omar Sharif...!!
Discussing the values and responsibilities of TEO Hair Design toward their clients. 

Left: Retro Nouveau autumn trends...!Love the Twiggy inspired look on the left...I wish I could pull it off even in the slightest...!!
Right: Lovely models mirroring the looks on the screen.
I have included a short video...for your "entertainment"...take it as a first attempt to vlog...!! :)
Before I move on here are some bullet points of the notes I made during the presentation:
  • There is a new treatment for coloured hair called TEO Secret Shine
  • The tammed and styled hairstyles have returned. 
  • The colour has to "follow" the cut and not the other way around
  • There is a popular new technique which involves colouring the roots of the hair to give the illusion of shine(this looks extremely interesting actually). 
  • Voluminous hair is back but extreme layering is out!!
  • Last but not least...the Retro cuts and colours are back.

So...after the presentation was over we were invited to discuss what treatment or service we would like to try. To be honest I wasn't 100% ready for a haircut but Mr Sfakianakis insisted so I thought ...why not??
Harris was chosen to be my stylist...!We discussed the cut and the styling and when we had reached a decision I was off to get my hair washed. I returned to the "station", had my hair cut, then I was off to get a 5 minute treatment with L'oreal products(naturally...) and then back to the "station" to style my new do...!! :P 
I am so particular about my hair and scared of trying new things but I was so happy with the results that I will be going back to colour my hair once my dermatologist allows me to do so(she is so strict...:P). 
I took this picture once I returned to my uncle's place at Palaio Faliro. It is not the best photo really but you get the idea. I love the cut, the volume and the curls...basically the lot...!! <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
What do you think??
 Before we left from the salon we were also given a L'oreal / Kerastase goodie bag with some products that I cannot wait to try...!!Here it is...:

The products: Mythic Oil Shampoo, Mythic Oil Hair Mask and Elixir K Ultime Oleo- Complexe + The Imperial Radiating and Beautifying Scented Oil (Colour Treated hair).
On my nails(in case you are wondering): Zoya - Kelly
I think all of us loved being a part of this event since it involved lots of tips and tricks as well as personalised advice on our hair. The treatments were great, the stylists were lovely, professional and made us all feel like Hollywood stars (who doesn't want that...??!!) and the outcome was great. I, personally, loved my hair and I am going to try and stick with the look. 
Now, before I go I will include TEO's website here: TEO Hair Design. If you do happen to go to the Glyfada Salon ask for Harris...he is a miracle worker ;) 

Let me know what you think of the new do...;)



Autumn 2012 make-up trends...!!

Hey guys,

How are you this Sunday?? I have been pretty busy lately since I am trying to sort my life out...!!However...I managed to spend some time going through this Autumn's make-up trends and picking out two of my favourite ones to re-create and share with you.
So...this autumn there are several make-up trends...from bold dark lips , to flawless natural looking skin, warm caramel and colourful smokey eyes as well as a hint of symmetrical eyeliner lines ,the oldie but goodie "ombre effect"and the bold graphic eyebrows.
Whatever floats your boat really...!! My personal favourites are the very simply-defined eyes and also the ombre bold dark lips. I am also loving the caramel tones for eyes and the natural looking skin but I wouldn't personally call those "trends".
So...I tried out the two trends that stood out to me the most and...here they are...

The Ombre Lip (inspired by Lisa Eldridge's make-up for Chinese Vogue)

The Trend:


The products I used:

I started with MAC's "What Joy" lipstick. I used a Sephora lip brush and a little bit of the Revlon Lip butter in Raspberry Pie and blended it into "What Joy". Then I used the brush again but this time I took some black gel eyeliner and blended it on the corner of my lips until it looked seamless. Lastly, I used some MAC Dazzleglass Cream in the colour "Do it up" in the middle inner part of the lips aaaand that is all...!!

The Simply Defined Eye

The Trend:

The products I used:

I used two eye shadows and a bit of mascara(yep...that is all). I used a fluffy brush to blend a bit of NO7's "Wheatsheaf" e/s all over the eye lid and then with a crease brush I used the medium grey shade(the bottom left one) from this IsaDora e/s quartet to define the crease. I finished off the look with some Rimmel "Sexy Curves"  mascara in 002 Brown Black. Unfortunately the colours look somewhat washed-out in the picture but it is pretty self-explanatory, I think. 
I love this trend because it is effortless and it can look extremely sophisticated and clean even though it takes 2 about two minutes to do.

I loved working on this post and I hope you like it as well...!!!


Summer Favourites!!

Hello my dear readers....!!
How have you all been?? I am hoping that your September is turning out better than mine and that you are enjoying yourselves. Autumn is my favourite time of the year to be honest...it can be depressing but I kind of love it!! :) And since autumn IS here...I thought that I would do a summer round-up favourites featuring some of my favourite and/or most used products this summer.
Let's get started then...
I broke this post down to two simple categories....MAKE-UP and SKINCARE!


Nails: I really loved pastels and fluorescent colours.I mean, I know it sounds somewhat funny but ok...! 
Here I featured Essie's "A crewed interest",  China Glaze's "Flip Flop Fantasy" and Models Own "Lemon Meringue".
Cheeks: Peach is my all-time favourite cheek colour so it was natural for me to use it this season as well. But I love the natural/sand/golden colours as well. The blushes in the photo are Nars' "Madly" and MAC's "Fresh Honey".
Lips: This summer I stuck with corals and orange colours for lips. I also used a bronze gloss that my friend Lydia got me from Oriflame. It is the one at the bottom of the photo and it is called "Bronze Shore" aaaand it smells and tastes coconutty...!!
Now, the metallic blue lipstick bullet is a product I have raved and raved about and it is 17's Mirror Shine Lipstick in "Peace" and it is the 3rd summer that I have loved this product. Last but not least the orange pot at the top is the AMAZING tendertone by MAC in the colour "Purring".
Eyes: I have been keeping the eyes simple and sometimes shimmery(for special occasions).I have also been loving "nude" eyes with a thick, brown, smudged eyeliner line.
The eye-products that stood out to me the most this summer were: MAC's "Tempting" e/s, NARS' "Pro-prime Smudge proof e/s base" (dare I say it is better than the UDPP??), L'oreal Colour Infallible e/s in "Goldmine" YSL Faux Cils Mascara(some things never change), MUFE Aqua Eyes Pencil in 23L(a lovely champagne coloured pencil) and last but not least NO7's Amazing Eyes Pencil in 10 Brown.

You might have noticed that there is no base in that photo or on the list. The truth is that I didn't use a base. I did use concealer(collection 2000 Stay Perfect concealer) and I , occasionally, reached for my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation(which I still love btw). 

Now my skincare regime has recently changed but before it did this is what I used(almost used-up actually) this summer...

Clarins Eye Gel
Avene sunscreen Factor 50+ (yep I burn like a freaking vampire...)
Sant'Angelika Idroadapt Silk moisturiser
Caudalie Beauty Elixir(I am addicted to this stuff)
Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream
Bioten Skin Moisture Cleansing wipes

I'd love to know what you used this summer!!!!!!!
Hope you like this post...!
My next post will either be a look or an "empties" post. What do you think??


p.s. : In the interest of disclosure I would like to say that the Bioten wipes were sent to me by the company but I hope you guys know that that doesn't mean anything whatsoever and I wouldn't feature them unless I didn't actually like them...just saying!! :)