"Silver and Smoke" look & ISADORA e/s quartet Review

Hey you guys!!
How are you? What are you doing this Sunday morning?
While I was going through my "collection" I came across this e/s quad by ISADORA in "Silvery Grey" that my mom got for me more than 5 years ago at one of her trips(I think it was Austria but I could be very wrong). I love this quad because the colors are pigmented, the pay-off is great and it is an excellent "tool" for a quick smokey eye.
Here is the product:

Color pay-off
The product is not widely available
Some fall out
And...here is a quick look I created using this quartet:

As always I am sorry about the mediocre quality!The colors are much more vibrant in person but I hope you get the general idea.
I hope you liked this post!


NOTD featuring Barry M 's "Strawberry ice-cream" nailpolish

Hello my dear readers!
No fancy words today...just a NOTD!!
Note: I created the dots with a wooden nail stick.Nothing fancy...;)
I used two polishes:

Strawberry Ice-cream by Barry M:

and...a french manicure color from Nivea Beaute(I only used this to create the dots)

Here is what my nails look like...

I hope you'll excuse a picture heavy and light on words post but I have been in bed all day and nothing clever comes to mind at the moment!Love u all though and, as always, I hope you liked this post.
Athina :)


Soap & Glory "Blueberry Thrill" Big butter review!

It's Monday today and I have been contemplating, for a little more than a day, whether I should scream bloody murder or whether I should remain calm and deal with things, as they come my way. To be honest I don't have an answer yet but I am working on it ;)
Now, on to today's post...
I am not going to rumble(o.k. maybe a little) about this product but I am going to summarize ,in one phrase, what I think about it: I ADORE IT!!!!
It is without a doubt the best body butter I have ever used.
Here is my story: My skin is a little dry and very dry at times. There are days when one single moisturiser application is enough and other days when the entire product is not enough. For several years I have been trying different products that were either too greasy and just wouldn't be absorbed by my skin or they were too gel-like and ended up leaving a sticky film on my skin. Finally, this past summer, as I was browsing the Soap and Glory products in Boots I came across this body butter. I loved the look of it and the idea of a blueberry scented body butter so I went on a limb and purchased it.
To my surprise it was the best moisturiser I had ever purchased. It smells like bluberry muffins(yum, it has a pale lavender color and it the consistency of it is very thick but non-greasy.I only need to use it once a day and with a very small amount I moisturise my body PERFECTLY. It has : Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Natural Fruit Acid Smoothers and Blueberry Oil , as stated on the company's website.
One could argue that the price is not very attractive as it costs £9.19 on the Boots website(please note that it's part of their SPA series). But,I would argue that it is worth every penny and that It lasts a long time which means you get your money's worth.
So, after returning to Greece from the U.K. in August I couldn't bring myself to start using it in fear of using it up and not being able to re-purchase it!As you can see from the photos I am almost out which makes me incredibly sad...!I hope I'll find a way to get my hands on another tub soon.

If you love blueberry and you're looking for a body butter that will help your skin recover from years of dehydration then I definately recommend this. I am in love with this product and can't wait to try more Soap & Glory products!
Have a great week my lovely readers!


NOTD: Barry M Boots Limited Edition No 24

I got this polish for a few pounds last summer from Boots when I bought two other Barry M polishes.
On my ring finger (on top of this polish) I have Chanel's "Delice" nail polish.

Hope you like it ;)


Updated "What's in my bag" TAG

About a month ago the lovely Tina(All the Vanity)posted this TAG. I love reading or watching this TAG so I thought I should do an updated version of it(check out my older version here).
So let's start with the bag itself. I got it this past summer from Top-shop in Oxford street and I have been using it ever since. It is spacious and the color compliments a number of outfits.

These are the contents of my bag

*Car keys(and the garage opening thingy in the pouch next to the keys)
*Animal print tissues (from jumbo :P)
*My Vogue glasses(I am a tiny bit short-sighted)
*A petrol Clinique make-up bag the contents of which I will list later on ;)
*My tiny purple moleskin notepad and my swarovski pen.
*A black&Red coin purse in which I keep my cow-shaped hand warmer(La Senza).The coin purse was a gift from one of my Chinese students last summer.
*My Paul's Boutique ruffle wallet.
*And my D&G sunglasses.
I also carry my house keys but I couldn't find them that morning(FAIL)so I took a separate photo...:P
Now on to my make-up bag and it's contents:

*hair ties
*small hair clips
*A mini hair brush from the Body Shop.
*A travel-sized Chloe parfum
*Some setting powder in a Sephora container.
*A 4 in 1 mini nail file by AVON(a life-saver)
*A Nature's Minerals Kabuki blush brish(The Body shop)
*My Burt's Bees honey lip balm
*An ELF Hypershine lipgloss in "Flirt"
*A Dior Addict Ultra gloss reflect in 657
*A Guerlain palette which is great for travelling. This is the chocolate brown one. There is also a black one that I would love to get my hands on ;)
So, as Tina said: What do you think??Too much, too little or just about enough?
I am not great with tagging people but I would love to see any Greek Beauty Bloggers (whom you should definately check out!I have their links on the side of my blog)that haven't done this to do it ;)
Have fun.


An "unexpected" parcel!

This is going to be short and sweet my dears!
So, on the 2nd of February I was on twitter and the lovely Mal Pearson hosted a contest type of thing. Her tweet was this: "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous." The first 4 to credit this quote correctly will win gorgeous earrings from ButtonMeUp!"
To be honest I thought it would be impossible to be one of the first 4 to answer but I was hence the package from Mal with a pair of very cute earrings from ButtonMeUp. I took some pictures to show you guys. I hope you like them...!I think they very cute, oh and they are made from old buttons from what I understand by visiting the website.

p.s. Can you credit the quote? I bet you can ;)


Grey nails on a sunny day...!

My dear followers here is a quick post featuring a Seventeen nailpolish in the number 270. Seventeen is an all greek brand that has been around for a good number of years. I haven't tried any of their make-up lately but their polishes are quite good. They used to be affordable too and that's what made them stand out from the rest of the drugstore brands that were available in Greece. Having said that I noticed that they are slightly more expensive nowadays without being any different or better for that matter so I am not sure what's going on there!Anyway...I just did my nails and wanted to show you a nice grey color.

What do you guys think?

p.s.I'll post more carnival looks soon!Let me know if you have any preferences or want to see any specific looks and/or posts.


Flirty lavender eyes for Valentine's day!!

Hello my lovely readers. How are you? How is your week going so far?
I have an eye look for you today. I created this for Valentine's day because I thought you might need some inspiration that doesn't involve pink :P
So I came up with this flirty,smokey lavender that would compliment lots of skin tones and most hair colors. I, also tried to take pictures during the process so I could show you, step by step, how I created it.This post is picture heavy but I hope it'll also be helpful to see the process step by step!
What I used:
Too Faced Shadow insurance
217,219,239 MAC brushes
Sephora Crease brush
TOYOKO angled brush
Heartbreaker cosmetics sample mineral shadows in: Puppy Love(new love series), Anniversary(Forever Love series), Morning after(Spring09 series), First base(Spring09series)
Heartbreaker cosmetics sample : Afterglow(Charmer)

MAC "Stars n' Rockets" e/s & "Signed Sealed" e/s

Now, on to the look...
1.I started off with a primer and then applied Puppy Love(which is a very soft&warm brown shade)on my lid with a flat brush(239). I flipped the brush over and added First base(a lavender color) over the top of that brown and up to the crease of the eye.

2.With my Sephora crease brush I added "Morning after" (a dusty purple colour) to the crease.

3. With my MAC 217 I added "Anniversary"(a dark blueberry color)to the outter corner of the eye.

4.With the same brush I deepened the color of the outter corner with a small amount of "Signed, Sealed". Then with my TOYOKO angled brush I lined my upper lashline with that same color which I also smudged on my bottom lashline using a 219 MAC brush.

5. Then, with that same 219 brush I added some "Stars n' rockets" on my lover lashline. This color is so unique and due to the duo-chrome effect it has, it transforms any dark color you might put it over. After doing that I also put some glue on my false lashes(they are completely optional.You could just add mascara).

6.Lastly, I added a thin coat of mascara to keep my natural lashes curved and blended in with the falsies and I also put some black kohl pencil on my waterline. Of course I added a highlighting color on my brow bone which was "Afterglow".
Here is the finished look...I hope you like it!

Let me know what you think ;)


NYX 10 color eyeshadow palettes!!

My dear followers,

Even though this day started off being pretty horrible I thought I should turn it around with a nice post for you!
After a NYX related discussion I had with some lovely beauty bloggers on Twitter I was asked to do a little review and also post some swatches of my NYX eyeshadow palettes!So, here they are...!

1.For Your eyes only/Mysterious brown eyes palette


2.From the Runway Collection the Champaign and Caviar palette


Now there isn't that much to say about them other than the fact that they are amazing!!The pigmentation is great, they are very easily blendable and with a primer they stay on for a good number of hours. Also. there is a wide range of colors in the different palettes NYX offers which means there is something for everyone and of course they are very affordable. I have been using them for a year and a half and as you can see I've hit pan on loads of the colors. The only thing I would say is that it would be better if there were more matte colors in there. Other than that I think that for around 8 dollars you get a great palette with 10 eyeshadows, no less, which is excellent value for money.
Now, I'd like to know if you guys own any of those palettes or even singe NYX eyeshadows and how you like them!
Hope you found this helpful.