Clarins "Pure Melt Cleansing Gel" mini review.

Hello my lovelies,

I am back today with a mini review. The product featured in today's post is a product that I first bought a couple of months ago and I have been loving it ever since. So, I thought I should do a mini review to let you all know my thoughts.

Now this product is relatively pricey but not outrageously pricey. I think the price tag on it is around 26-28 euro (depending on where you buy it from). Clarins happens to be one of my very favourite high-end skincare brands and I swear by most of their products. My mom also loves the brand which says a lot since my mom is even pickier than I am.
Now the "Pure Melt Cleansing Gel", as the name suggests, is a cleansing product for all skin types.
Here is what the company says about the product:

 "A true cleansing sensation! Clarins triple-texture cleansing gel transforms into an oil that melts-away every last trace of excess oil and impurities—including the heaviest make-up. Water-activates the gel into a silky milk that rinses skin clean. Soothes and nourishes with Marula Oil for optimal radiance and comfort."

Quoted from the company's website

As the company informs us this is a gel product which transforms into an oil which changes into a milk when it comes in contact with water. 
This is a unique formula which gives you a very luxurious feeling and it cleanses your skin like a dream. What I think the trick with this product is, is to apply it on dry skin, massage it into the skin and on the eyes (if you want to remove your eye make-up as well) and then rinse it off.
I have used many make-up removing products in my time and this is currently the best one out of all of them. Of course I still love the Bioderma and the Apivita cleansing facial soap but this product is very special to me. I love how nice it feels on the skin and how well it removes my make-up and cleanses my skin at the same time.

All in all, a great product that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a cleansing/make-up removing product. I swear by this stuff and I think I will keep re-purchasing it for a loooong loooong time!!

<3   <3   <3
I hope you liked my mini review. Let me know what you think!! Have you ever tried this product?What cleansing product do you swear by??



Random Post Sunday "Youtube edition"

Good afternoon my lovely readers,

First and foremost, I would like to say that I am sorry I haven't posted anything since last Sunday but it has been quite hectic around here. Things should be better this week so expect at least one post in the next couple of days. Now today I have another "Random Post Sunday" for you, and this one will feature some of my favourite channels on youtube. Some of this you'll know and some them you won't but I think they are all worth mentioning one way or another!!


"CTFxC/ Internet Killed Television": This young couple from Florida and their two doggies are interesting to say the very least. I love watching Charles and Alli...and I cannot wait for the next CTFxC (as their show is called) to be uploaded. 

Entertainment/ General Context (in no particular order): 

1. "Jenna Marbles": You all know who she is. Love her or hate her she is hilarious...that you can't deny. 

2. "Jim Chapman": He reminds me of a very good friend of mine back in the U.K. and I mostly agree with him. 

3. "College Humour/ The Six" : Funny sketches that you might be able to relate to :P 


There are two news channels that I watch, religiously. They were both started by Philip De Franco who, without a doubt, is youtube royalty. 
The first channel is Phil's channel and it is called "The Philip De Franco Show" and the second channel is "SourceFed". 


Now, this category had to be included in this post....!!I have many beauty channel favourites but I will limit myself to the top 4. I have also excluded some staple channels such as Lisa Eldridge and Pixiwoo since you all know them and probably already watch their channels.

1.  "Essie Button" Estee is gorgeous, funny, interesting to watch and I absolutely love her videos.

2.  "Fleur De Force" I like watching Fleur. She is elegant and has a great taste!

3.  "Tanya Burr" Another British girl whom I like watching.

4.  "Nikkie Tutorials" I love Nikkie...!She is so incredibly talented and she is like a ray of sunshine...!Very positive and very funny!!

That is all for today!!I hope you enjoyed this post...!xoxo



Random Post Sunday: Going through the pictures on my phone...

This is a plain and simple "Random Post Sunday" featuring some pictures I wanted to share with you. I was going through the pictures on my phone and thought that these pictures would be interesting and/or entertaining...;)

People and the vein things...

Moments and food...

I hope you all liked this week's "Random Post Sunday".....


Out with the old, In with the new...( + some re-arranging)

Hello my lovely readers,

How are you all doing? I have the first of two posts for you today. The second one will be posted later this afternoon but this one has been in the works for quite some time. However the pictures were not quite right so I had to re-do the entire thing...!Soooo this post is about me replacing my very old and very well loved hairbrush with the infamous Tangle Teezer. I purchased mine in Disco Purple from a fabulous website called : http://www.lookfantastic.com
My old brush was (I think) from the Body Shop and my mom bought it for me 12 years ago. It has been holding up relatively well all these years however I felt like it was time to let go!Once, it started falling apart so I did some research and ended up buying the tangle teezer to replace it with!!

                                                           The two side by side.....

                                                              THE OLD/THE NEW

Now, since I am featuring the Tangle Teezer I might as well talk about it a little bit.

I am going to start by saying that I loooove looooove loooooove it...!!!
It is such a handy little thing and it leaves my hair smooth with minimum breakage. It is easy to use, amazing on wet and dry hair and it de-tangles my hair like a freakin' dream!! I cannot recommend this enough to be honest. The price on it is reasonable as well which makes it even easier for me to recommend.
Here are some more pictures for you...

Now for the extra bit of this post....!!As I was opening my hair drawer to get these products out and photograph them I realised how much of a mess it was so I HAD TO clean it out and re-organise. Here is a before and after for you.....


                    BEFORE                                                                                              AFTER

Are you all proud of me??
Let me know if you've ever tried the Tangle Teezer or whether you had a Body Shop hair brush as a kid ;)



Random Post Sunday: Things I suck at!!

So, I have been contemplating starting a feature post for a while now but I was unsure about the content. And since I have been enjoying vlogs on youtube lately I thought I should start the "Random Post Sunday" feature where I will write a random post every Sunday, about any topic that I feel is entertaining and/or informative. It probably won't be beauty related (or it might...who knows??!!)but I hope you'll still enjoy it....!!Let me know what you think...;)

So, I was watching the lovely and absolutely hilarious Jenna Marbles and I stumbled across the "Things I suck at" video she made a while ago and I thought I should also be honest with myself and others and share with you some of the things I suck at....

1. I suck at ironing. 
The truth is, I suck at it because I think it is an unnecessary, time-consuming activity, hence I don't even bother with it. 

2. I suck at football.
I really suck at football...!Enough said... :P

3. I suck at saying no to my dog.
Just one look at her puppy eyes and all my self-coaching goes out the window...!
Me: No, you're not going to give her another treat.
*Puppy eyes*
Me: Oh there you go...here is another little treat. 

4. I suck at picking up heavy stuff.
I have NO upper body strength...!!

5. I suck at controlling myself when I go make-up shopping.
Come on...admit it...you can relate to this one...

6. I suck at taking my own advice.
Yep...another classic...!!However I would have to say that I do often take my own advice...well not often...but a good 40% of the time...!

7. I suck at knowing when to stop talking.
Much like other people who talk a lot, I often have issues determining what is the right moment to stop talking. Fortunately, I do have a good sense of limits when it comes to embarrassing myself or others...!So, I can keep my mouth shut when I have to but when I don't I can go on and on...:P 

8. I suck at controlling my left eyebrow. 
Let me briefly explain...!Whenever I don't like something, someone is talking about or I strongly disagree with them, I will raise my left eyebrow, slightly. This involuntary action is very difficult to control which often results in awkward encounters with people who don't know me all that well. 

9. I suck at taking compliments. 
As many my friends, ex-boyfriends, family members and acquaintances will tell you I suck at taking compliments...!When someone gives me a compliment I will normally come up with a response along the lines of: 
Really??? *awkward silence* well...thanks...
Well, it's ok...
Yep, whatever...
Oh well...
Oh, I don't like it
It sucks really but what can you do

10. I suck at chess.
Much like Jenna, I suck at chess...!I think my brain just goes: DOES NOT COMPUTE...when it comes to chess...!

So...there you have it...."Things I suck at"....!!For obvious reasons, I omitted some personal embarrassing failures...! :P
I hope this post was, at least, entertaining....! ;)