Grey nails on a sunny day...!

My dear followers here is a quick post featuring a Seventeen nailpolish in the number 270. Seventeen is an all greek brand that has been around for a good number of years. I haven't tried any of their make-up lately but their polishes are quite good. They used to be affordable too and that's what made them stand out from the rest of the drugstore brands that were available in Greece. Having said that I noticed that they are slightly more expensive nowadays without being any different or better for that matter so I am not sure what's going on there!Anyway...I just did my nails and wanted to show you a nice grey color.

What do you guys think?

p.s.I'll post more carnival looks soon!Let me know if you have any preferences or want to see any specific looks and/or posts.


  1. Pretty colour! Last time I bought a greek brand nail polish it was one in the same colour from ErreDue. It costed 6 euros which was too much for me for nail polish but I love this colour and use it a lot!

  2. Poly wraio to xrwma...
    Dystyxws edw ola einai akribotera.. :(

  3. That's a great neutral color!=)

  4. @nataliedouka it's pretty isn't it? :P
    I think it costs 6 euros sth...!!It is a little too much for a polish like this. I mean I have paid for OPI& China glaze before but I only have a couple of those and they are colors that I wear all the time.I'd rather have the option of a slightly cheaper polish that I could experiment with(color-wise).
    @Artemi: Nai...edw einai pio akriva giati emeis den exoume anagkh...goux goux...ma eleos!:P
    @Argyro: It's a nice pastel colour and I have been loving pastels lately. :)

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!!!
    Beautiful dove grey, I must go look for it soon! ;) xxx

  6. I hadn't thought of it as a dove grey...interesting!I always thought of it as a mouse grey...!very interesting indeed. ;)

  7. @Miss E blog: I'm glad you liked it :)

  8. i seventeen exei polu wraia xrwmata kai kali poiotita! alla pleon stamatisa na dinw lefta gia vernikia pou mporw na vrw fthinotera i na ta kanw moni mou! ;)
    afto to gray omws einai panemorfo!!


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