Hello my dear readers,

After a week or so at home I am "on the road again" so-to-speak. Today I have a NOTD for you. It is a ZOYA polish(my first)called Kelly. I have been looking for this polish for ages and I , finally, got my hands on it last week. Unfortunately I cannot tell you where to get it because it was picked up for me by a friend who is a professional in the field :P
However I think that there are numerous websites you could buy ZOYA polishes from.
Now here is the colour...


"Swatch No1...no light"

"Swatch No2...Under natural light/sunlight"

"Swatch No3...close-up"
Now...a little bit about the polish itself. The formula is great in my opinion and even though the brush is not very big it applies the product just fine.
Another upside to this product(and to all ZOYA polishes as far as I am aware)is that it is Formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate and camphor FREE.
Now back to the cosmetic aspect of this product I can tell you that it lasts a long time(I had it on my nails for 6 days with very minimal chipping(which I caused trying to open a blush).
The only downside (which I don't really care about but some people might)is that the colour comes off darker than it looks in the bottle. The reason why I don't find this to be a problem is that with the hundreds of blogs around you will, most certainly, be able to find a swatch for the polish you are about to buy(if, for example, you are buying it online).
Other than that I cannot wait to get my hands on more ZOYA polishes soon. For the time being though I am loving this colour...!I hope you like it as well!!!!


p.s. My next post will be a review on a Kerastase product. I have had the post ready for over a week now but I am waiting for some extrernal input to make the review more elaborate so stay tuned...;)


  1. perfect colour..love it..i have never bought zoya nail polish before, but i think i will in the future..thanx for sharing,my dear!!

  2. myStickland: You're welcome!It is a great colour indeed.You should give them a try if you have a chance! :)

  3. lovely colour...u need to do my nails next time!!! ! ;) <3<3

  4. Isn't it pretty??Will do my dear...!Nomizw tha sou phgainei :)

  5. Is it just me or has Zoya been everywhere lately ?! I must try !! xo

  6. I'd love to try a Zoya nail polish. That phormaldehyde-free thing struck a nerve somewhere deep inside- cause I love my cheap-o Seventeen polishes but some of them, ouch... contain that phormaldehyde... As if we're mummies?!? xx

  7. Beautiful shade!!!
    I've yet to try a Zoya nail polish, but now u got me intrigued-this looks like a winner! ;) xx


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