"Korres Yogurt Moisturising Mask" Review!

My dear followers, I bring you a review of the Korres Yogurt Moisturising Mask this evening!
So, yesterday I went to the pharmacy around the corner from my house to pick up some stuff for my mom and I stumbled across some Korres products in trial/travel sizes. I had seen them before but didn't think much of it. However,this time I caved and bought one. It was only 2.99 and I thought it would be perfect to try out and review.
So, I had tried out this facial mask back in 2008 in it's old formulation. I was working for a movie in Crete and got a bad sunburn from 1) sitting under the sun all day long and 2)standing too close to the reflecteur(a silver panel that reflects the light and helps filming). I have to say it worked wonders for my skin and with only one use/application I managed to save my skin from excessive "peeling". It also hydrated my skin and dialed down the redness.
Yesterday, I used it for the second time and I will now tell you what I think of it. Firstly,it is substantially thinner in consistency and doesn't look like a mask when you put it on. However, I like that about it since it is easy to remove. Also, you could use it even when other people(e.g. a boyfriend, your friends etc) are around (when you are on holiday with ur friends or sleeping over at someone's house) without running the risk of scaring them to death.
Then, the smell isn't too strong and I actually don't mind it at all. Also, it is meant for normal to combination skin which is perfect for me. The one downside to this product is how little product is in the tube. Surely I only paid 2.99 but I ,at least, expected the tube to be full. If I decide to buy the full size product I hope that won't be the case.
Now, let me just say that it is definately not the best facial mask I have ever used but do keep in mind that I used to have more oily skin.Because of that I always used to use cleansing masks which are not really comparable to a hydrating mask. But I do have to say that after using this mask I did feel like my skin was more hydrated and that it,also, helped my moisturiser sink in to my skin better. In fact my skin was soft all afternoon and up until 3 in the morning when I finally decided it was time for bed.
All in all I would recommend getting your hands on this trial sized product if you can and giving it a go. Who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised...!


p.s. 1. I have OPI's "Done out in deco" on my nails
2. Excuse the poor quality photos but they were taken with my laptop's built in camera in order to save some time.


  1. I didn't know they changed the formulation! Thanks για το review. Πρέπει να τη δοκιμάσω ξανά, θυμάμαι την είχα δοκιμάσει πολύ παλιά, γύρω στο 2005 νομίζω, και δε μου άρεσε, την βρήκα βαριά, τουλάχιστον για το δικό μου δέρμα που είναι λιπαρό, αλλά τώρα που το χειμώνα είναι πιο ξερό και αφυδατωμένο θα τη δοκιμάσω σίγουρα.

  2. Done out in Deco looks beautiful against your skintone!!!

    Will try this soon, but first I have quite a few Apivita face mask satchets to go through! But this will be next, would like to see how it performs on me!

    Great review Athina!


  3. Thank you guys for the comments!
    @Sophia: dokimase to twra pou to exei sthn mikrh syskeyasia. H alhtheia einai oti to formulation mou fainetai pio thin ap'oti htan kai pisteyw einai kalytero etsi gia dermata pou den einai idiaitera kshra.
    @Tina: I absolutely love the apivita ones but I do find them a little bit expensive. I like their cleansing ones best although after buying a cleansing clay mask from boots for 2pounds all of that Apivita love sort of went out the window.Dammmit I should have bought more than one tubes of that :P


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