Carnival Mask look

So, I need a "costume" for this Saturday(me and my friends are going to an old fashioned disco to celebrate the Carnival) and I couldn't think of any costumes or looks I wanted to do. So, I thought...I have lots of unused make-up and a vivid imagination as well as a love for masks(it comes with the profession really...).
This is what I came up with:

It is a little out there of course but then again it is the Carnival which makes it appropriate. This mask took me a little more than an hour to do and I'm still thinking of ways I could make it look better. I thought about adding more glitter, a few extra designs and false lashes. But I wanted to ask you guys what you thought I should do and also what sort of hairstyle would go with it?I did put some thought into the outfit but I think the more extravagant the look the simpler the outfit...what do you think??
I used a number of products and I can't really remember all of them but if you want to know leave me a comment and I will make a list.