Winter Empties Vol I

Ahoy my dear readers,

I have some of my winter empties to share with you this afternoon. I have been accumulating these empties for a month or so, now and I though that I would do this post and get rid of them before the new year in an "out with the old and in with the new" kind of effort.

Now, I have been keeping my empties in a little Kiehl's bag for no particular reason. Here is an overview...

Now, 90% of the products featured in this post will be sorely missed. A few, I have already re-purchased since they are my beauty staples and only one of them I was not too impressed by.
Let's start with the mascaras, shall we??

The Maybelline Collosal Go Extreme Volum' is by far my favourite drugstore mascara and it will always be in my collection.
The KIKO Volume Attraction mascara did not impress me. It is ok for a daytime mascara but all in all  I don't think I would re-purchase it. I am, however, intrigued by KIKO mascaras and I am planning on trying more in the future. 
I am moving on to a single product that has been a favourite of mine for a very long time. 

Batiste was the first dry shampoo I ever tried and it still one of my favourites. It is inexpensive and does the job incredibly well. :) 

Next(from left to right) we have:
1) The Body Shop Honey & Oat 3-IN-1 Scrub mask. I inherited this from a friend who had some issues with this. I liked it but didn't love it. It didn't do much for my skin which surprised me given how much I like the Body Shop Blue Corn mask. 
2) Vichy Anti-Perspirant is the best thing ever as far as under-arm care is concerned. It is the only antiperspirant I use. 
3) Origins GinZing moisturiser is AMAZING. It is the perfect day or night time moisturiser for dull-combination skin.It is the 3rd jar I finish and when I get the chance, I will re-purchase this product again.
4)Rituals Qi Serum. This is a minty cream used for stress relief and it is the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!I cannot wait to get my hands on it again. 

Last, but most certainly, not least I have 3 skincare products.
In the centre of the photo we have the infamous Tea Tree Water by Lush. It is a tonic water infused with tea tree. I purchase it normally, when my skin is going through a rough time. Lately, I have been getting the odd spot here and there and this toner has helped me battle these spots and keep my skin clean. 
On the left, I have a mini bottle of the Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil. This oil is good but not as good as the product on the left which is the Josie Maran Pure argan oil Light. I am looking forward to the day I will have this oil in my collection, again. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post and I look forward to reading your comments.



Autumn '14 favourites

Ahoy my lovely readers,

It has been well over a month since I posted a little comeback/update post and honestly, I thought I would start blogging earlier however work has been mental the past couple of weeks. Today, I am bringing you my Autumn '14 favourites today. It is the last week of November and I thought it was very appropriate to discuss the products I have been loving lately. 

I have been keeping it very simple these past couple of months hence why there aren't too many products to show you. As I mentioned earlier, work has been hectic so make-up time, in the morning, is not as long as I would like it to be. 

List of Products:

YSL Touch Eclat Foundation (B30)
NARS "And god created the woman" palette (close-up picture on my Facebook page and swatches to follow) 
Sally Hansen "Plum Luck" nail varnish 
Revlon "Va Va Violet" lipstick 
Hourglass Arch Brow Pencil "Soft Brunette" 
Tarte "Exposed" amazonian clay blush. 
Rituals "Magnolia and Pink Pepper" perfume (and perfume holder) 
"Vanilla Chai" Yankee Candle (mini candle)

As you can probably tell I have been liking vampy lips and nails which is a staple for me really. I have been also getting into doing my brows only because of how incredibly easy it is using this phenomenal hourglass product. I think this is always going to be in my collection as long as I can afford it. My love for Rituals is also going strong because of this new product I discovered in September. It is feminine but still fresh which is perfect for autumn. 

I hope you found this post interesting. There is more to come....stay tuned. 




A belated come back.

Ahoy my lovely readers.

I know it has been way too long and that you have probably been wondering where the heck I have been.Well I haven't really sat down long enough to be able to write an update. I have been travelling left right and centre, I have been working waaay too much and making more changes. A friend of mine from school recently compared my life to a music tour which I found hilarious but quite accurate at the same time. As an young professional without prior engagements and commitments I tend to go where the wind blows and this time the wind blew somewhere closer to home(details to follow).
I hope you are all well and that your summer was awesome and that returning to reality was not very painful. I also hope that you will welcome me back into the fold after this short absence.



Let's talk : Bronzers

Ahoy everyone,

Summer is officially here and most of us are very quick to pick up our favourite bronzers and slap them all over our face, in an effort to look tanned. But there is often a great deal of confusion when it comes to choosing the correct bronzer for the correct use as well as the right bronzer for our skin colour. Today, I wanted to talk a little bit about the bronzers I have in my collection or bronzers I have tried in the past, in an effort to help others decide on the right product for them.

I am going to start with a cult favourite and the most expensive bronzer I have ever splurged on.

photo taken from: http://www.beautylish.com/p/chanel-soleil-de-tan-bronzing-makeup-base

The Chanel Bronze Universal/ Soleil Tan De Chanel is a creme bronzer. It is slightly shimmery but the shimmer doesn't really translate on the skin. The pigmentation is insane and a little bit goes a very long way. Most people find that it is not a colour they would contour with. However both me and my really pale, extremely yellow-toned skin really like this product as a contour. I use several brushes with this product but the one I love the most is the Real Techniques Expert face brush.

The next product on my list is my favourite bronzer to date.

NARS "Laguna" Bronzer is another cult favourite. This is a powder bronzer that also has excellent pigmentation. And much like the previous product I spoke about, there is subtle shimmer in this one which also doesn't translate on the skin. If your skin is medium to dark and you'd like to try a NARS bronzer, I would also recommend "Casino".

Guerlain is one of my old favourite make-up brands and this terracotta product is one of the oldest bronzers in my collection. It came in this amazing travel palette that my lovely mom bought me during one of our trips.

photo taken by: http://s946.photobucket.com/user/liliya-2010/media/Guerlain_Terracotta_Palette__184090.jpg.html

This is more of a blush/ bronzer for me. It is slightly too shimmery to contour with but it is amazing
to use to warm up the face.

Next up I have a bronzer that I just started using. It is a cult favourite for loads of bloggers and youtubers and it is non other than the Benefit "Hoola" Bronzer.

Image taken from : http://www.feelunique.com/p/Benefit-Hoola-Bronzing-Powder-11g

This is a completely matte bronzer that suits lots of skin tones and it is one of the most talked about bronzers on the blogosphere. Personally I find it way too dark for my skin tone however now that I have a tiny bit of tan I can make it work if I use a small amount and blend really well. It is undoubtably a great product however I would suggest you ask the store assistant to try it on your skin before purchasing, if your skin is fair. 

The last product I would like to share today is more affordable than the previous 4.

This is the slightly broken L'oreal Glam Bronze in the shade "01 Blonde Sun"**. It is slightly orange for my complexion and that is why it is the PERFECT bronzer to use as a blush. Yep...you heard just right. I use it as a blush and it looks phenomenal. It gives me that sun kissed look without the shimmer or the heavy contour. 

That is all for today. I hope you enjoyed this post and I am really looking forward to reading your comments on what your favourite bronzer is and/or which bronzer you would recommend I should try next.  :D





Spring Favourites

Ahoy my lovely readers,

I have a new post today featuring my Spring favourites. I have sort of given up on doing monthly favourites, at least for the time being. So, instead, I have been doing seasonal favourites.
Let's get right into it then....


Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in "Exposed"
A cult favourite. I was a bit hesitant to splurge on this but it is worth every penny.
Kiehl's BB Cream
I posted a review of this beloved product which you can check out here.
Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette in "Comfort Zone" 
I have been loving this for one of my favourite eye looks which is a subtle smoky brown.
Benefit "Watt's Up" Highlighter
I fell in love with this once again.
Sephora "44" Brush
A nice finishing/powder brush albeit a bit scratchy.
Maybelline Great Lash in Clear
Affordable, easy to use, perfect for brows.
Bobbi Brown EYES, travel exclusive, set (Black Ink & Sepia Ink).
I bought this on board one of my flights and I have been using it every day since. Black Ink is an all-time favourite of mine and Sepia Ink is quickly becoming one as well.
MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in "Relentlessly Red"
No matter how many lipsticks you have, you need this one...!! 
Revlon lip butter in "Juicy Papaya"
A lovely peach that has been my go to got a very long time.

                                                         Skincare and Haircare 
Garnier Fructis "Shake it"
I am not one to use lots of products on my hair because of how fine it is.But this is incredibly lightweight and smells delicious. 
The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter
I have been using this for a couple of weeks now and I can safely say it is quickly becoming part of my everyday skincare routine. 
Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil
This mini version of one of the most talked about face oil, has been the saviour of my dry patches. I also use it whenever I want to do a face massage.
Lanolin-Agg-Tval Eggwhite Facial Care soap.
I was introduced to this by a friend of mine and fellow blogger Evi from Lipstick Wardrobe. She recommended this to me during a shopping spree of ours and I have been loving it since. It is very inexpensive and a great soap to use before applying make-up. 
Le Petit Marseillais Hand Cream
Lovely hand cream for someone who needs a product that will moisturise the hell out of their hands and won't break the bank.
Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micellaire Solution
Another cult favourite. I had to re-purchase this because I cannot be without it. 


I only have one nail favourite to share and that is my attempt to create watercolour nails. I think that this design is fun and very creative and I am looking forward to playing around with this again.

I really hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what your Spring favourites are in the comments below.



Spring empties + make-up clean-up

Ahoy peeps,

A couple of weeks ago I did my bi-annual make-up clean-up which didn't produce that many products, however I was quite overwhelmed by the amount of empties I had accumulated since my last empties post. Unfortunately some of the items (shown at the end) I had to throw away before I for a chance to do this post, since they finished while I was in the U.S. visiting family. So, in order to keep my suitcase as light as possible, I got rid of the containers.
Now let's get started with this post. Make-up is first, of course...

Wet n Wild Cover All concealer: Too cakey/dry for me. / Collection lasting perfection concealer: The best affordable concealer out there. / Garner BB cream concealer**: I wish the colour range would include lighter colours. 
YSL faux Cils mascara: Not much to say...I adore it. / NO7 Intense Volume Mascara: good but not amazing/ TBS Brow and Lash Gel: I have gone through many of these but I think you can find more affordable ones on the market. 

Nars "Laguna" Bronzer: The ultimate bronzer for my skin tone/ Supercat Liquid eyeliner by Soap and Glory: Glorious product and very affordable. / Bobbi Brown Corrector: Love this product as you probably know. 
Mavala nailpolish (49): Great white polish / H&M nail polish (pink flamingo): This was a rose gold glitter polish that turned orange and then solidified(no joke) so I can safely say I will not be purchasing any more of the h&m nail varnishes./ Sally Hansen Insta Dry Top Coat: This is the bomb...I have recommended this in the past and will continue to do so. AMAZING.

Simple Oil Balancing Exfoliating Wash: Love this product. Great every day way that mildly exfoliates. / Clarins Toning Lotion with Camomile: I think this is one of the best toners out there. / L'oreal Ideal Glow cleansing oil: It is the 4th bottle I have used and I only have good things to say about it. 
TresSemme Dry Shampoo: HG...nothing else to say/ Mythic Oil Shampoo**: If you have dry hair this might just be the product you need to make your hair silky and soft. It was a bit too moisturising for my hair though./ Vichy Anti-Perspirant : LOVE this./ Strep Crystal Depilatory Strips: Never again. This product was a waste of money.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir: I am a huge fan of this and I purchase it whenever I can afford it. / Bioderma Sensibio H2O: Nothing else to say about this amazing product.It is always in my collection. / Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado: Loved this eye cream and I think I will be re-purchasing it in the future. 

Soap and Glory "Hand Food" hand cream: Luscious and amazing./ L'occitane Eau Essentielle: A great refreshing facial water and a great alternative to the Caudalie. / Avene Fluide Matifiant: Great mattifying moisturiser. I used it as a make-up base and loved it. 

This is what my clean-up produced. Some ELF products, an ancient nail balm by sephora, a face mask, a very glittery eyeliner and a Duo lash adhesive. Better something than nothing I suppose :P 

Empties that didn't make it home
Bath and Body Works Sensual Amber body cream: Lovely wintery scent and a moisturising formula.
Bath and Body works Cashmere body mist: Great body mist but the scent is a hit or miss.
Origins GinZing moisturiser: I have already purchased my second jar of this. Such a great product.
Sephora Express Body Scrub and Mask: This is a nice product to have in the shower however if you are looking for an invigorating scrub this is not it. It is mild and does the job of a daily exfoliant. The "mask" part is actually what I liked the best. The clay helps take your daily body cleansing to the next level. It has my seal of approval. ;) 

That is all for today. If you have any questions about any of the products please feel free to ask me. 
And,as always, I hope you liked this post.




Random Post Sunday Boston Edition.


As most of you already know I am back from my trip to the U.S.
I had some fun as well as some scares on the other side of the pond however I would say that my experience was enlightening more than anything else. Unfortunately, I was only able to visit places within Massachusetts (mainly Boston) but I thought I would share some pictures from my trip, with you all, today.

And remember....

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.



Spotlight Saturday

Ahoy everyone,

It has been a while since I blogged and I just wanted to apologise for that. I was in the States for a month and I was quite busy being a tourist. However, I am back now and I wanted to ease back into blogging with a new segment I am calling "Spotlight Saturday" where I will pick 3 products I believe need to be in the spotlight. That way I will be able to share my thoughts on those products through a mini review.
I do hope you'll like this segment and depending on whether you do or not I will make it a weekly thing!
The three products I that will be placed in the spotlight today are...

1. Maybelline Colour Elixirs

This is a product that hasn't launched in my native Greece, yet, and it might not launch at all (or at least not this year). However they are available pretty much everywhere else. I only own one of them but I am excited to try and eventually own a lot more. The product is a cross between a liquid lipstick and a gloss. There is a wide range of colours to choose from and amongst them some creams. I opted for one of those creams(060 Nude Illusion) and I fell in love with the texture, the colour, the scent and pretty much every other aspect of this product.

2. Maybelline The Colossal Go! Extreme Volum' Mascara**

I have always been a fan of Maybelline mascaras even though I could never find one to replace my beloved YSL Faux Cils with. However this mascara is the closest I've come. I normally use drugstore mascaras only during the day and pretty much never on a special occasion. I find they don't hold a curl as well as higher-end mascaras do and they don't build as much volume. Having said that, the colossal Go! Extreme Volum' does both of those things aaaand without clumping. So, if you are looking for a great drugstore mascara, look no further! 

3. Voyage D' Hermes Perfume

I fell in love with this when it first launched in 2012 but I never thought I would purchase it for myself. This is a unique, unisex perfume that is truly versatile. It is on the more pricey end of the spectrum but a little bit goes a long way so in the long run, the price seems very reasonable. Phillipe Mouquet's sleek bottle design is, of course, an added asset and so is the beautiful combination of woody and fresh perfume notes. 

And this concludes my very first Spotlight Saturday. I really hope you liked it and I cannot wait to read your comments.



How to : Pack a carry-on for a long haul flight.

Ahoy peeps,

How are you all doing??Firstly let me just thank everyone who entered my giveaway. :)
Then, I will get right into today's post which is unlike anything I've ever posted. I am about to get on a long-haul flight (details to follow) and I am packing like a crazy person, even though I have quite a bit of experience in the packing department. So, I thought I would share my tips and tricks with you all and show you what my carry-on looks like.
I know a video might have been more helpful but I broke- down everything as much as I possibly could so you can have a good idea and insight on what I have chosen to put in my carry-on. Please note that if you want more info on what everything is please look at the pictures carefully. There is some "hidden" info in there.
Let's get on with it... ;)

Starting with my carry-on this is what I am taking:

It is an American Tourister ,by Samsonite, cabin-sized suitcase in a magenta colour. There are a few compartments, a built-in lock and a plastic pouch that snaps and un-snaps according to the traveller's needs. 

Now as for the contents, I will start with clothing. I always carry a change of clothes, a set of pyjamas, some underwear and a pair of socks. 

Next up we have some accessory-essentials (a neck warmer, gloves and a beanie). These are essential since it is about 1 degree Centigrade at my destination.

And, of course, a travel pillow and a blanket (I have a wool cape that will double as a blanket) that will make your long flight (or, in my case, flights)a bit more tolerable.

The next two pictures are definitely an indication that a beauty blogger has packed this suitcase...
Firstly, we have skincare items....

And then, make-up items. 

Next up we have a separate pouch with some essentials. I chose a plastic pouch from Primark. 

Of course, important documents(including travel documents), memorabilia, electronic devices, chargers and valuables should be on board with you rather than in your checked luggage. 

After double-checking that I have everything I need, I make sure my suitcase is well packed and then I add a few items(e.g. an umbrella that I almost forgot) and here is the result of 3 hours of work ;) 

Now, you might be thinking that I haven't really given you much advice on how to do this if you are not a frequent traveller. Don't worry my loves, I got you covered...!Here are my top 10 tips(in no particular order)for packing a carry-on for a long-haul flight, and an extra 6 tips that will help you to be more comfortable during long flights.  

Tips Vol 1(packing)

Tip # 1
Take a change of clothes, some underwear and something you could sleep in
The possibility of your checked luggage being lost or left behind in one of your transit flights is ever present so make sure you are prepared in case you find yourself having to wait an extra 3 days for your suitcase.

Tip # 2
Take advantage of the plethora of samples you have in your collection(yep I know you do)
Samples are a great way to limit the amount of stuff you are packing. All in all, samples are handy and packing-friendly. 

Tip # 3
Pack some essential medicine
Painkillers, motion sickness pills, a natural sleep-aids(such as valerian) and plasters should be more than enough however if you need any other kind of medication make sure to pack that too. 

Tip # 4
Check, double check and triple check your travel documents
This is pretty self-explanatory really but I believe it is an essential tip. 

Tip # 5
Separate items according to their use and place them in pouches/cosmetic bags.
By separating items this way, you will be able to easily find them in your carry-on.

Tip # 6
Make a list of all the things you absolutely MUST pack.
That way you can go through the list as you are packing, and you can make sure you haven't forgotten anything important.

Tip # 7
Charge all your electronics the night before and don't forget to pack converters.
You will need your electronics to listen to music, read, watch films etc so make sure they are fully charged before you go and that you have all the necessary "equipment" to charge them at your destination.

Tip # 8
Put all of your liquids in a clear zip-lock bag. Make sure none of your containers exceed 100 ml and the bag they are in has a capacity of up to one litre.
Security is very tight in most international flights, and for good reason. Safety is the most important thing when it comes to flying. Tip 8 reflects what most airlines will allow you to carry. Please check with your airline before packing.

Tip # 9
Before choosing a carry-on, consult your airline to make sure it is the optimum size and, of course, make sure it doesn't exceed the weight limitations. 

Tip #10
Pack any valuable items in your carry- on instead of your checked luggage. 
Checked luggage is most likely to be damaged, delayed or lost. 

Tips Vol 2 (beauty and comfort)

Tip # 1
A small blanket, a sleeping mask and a travel pillow are great investments. They will help you feel more comfortable on board.

Tip # 2
Fight all urges to wear make-up. And if you end up doing so, make sure you can easily remove it on board.

Tip # 3
Buy a small empty spray bottle and make your own pillow and linen mist using a few drops of your favourite relaxing essential oil and some tap water. 
You can take the mist with you on board and spray it on your travel pillow, to help you sleep, or you can spray it before leaving your house to get to the airport. 

Tip # 4
Wear comfortable and warm clothing and shoes. Choose layers that you can easily manipulate in case of temperature changes. I always feel pity for the women wearing high heels and tight jeans on an 8+ hour flight. Surely you have leggings, flats and a cute jumper in your closet.

Tip # 5
Drink plenty of water and treat your skin with a rich moisturiser (or even a mask) as often as needed. The air in a plane is dry and it will suffocate your skin so make sure to hydrate it from the inside as well as the outside. 

Tip # 6
Take some snacks with you on board. Airlines have a set schedule when it comes to food but that doesn't mean your body will necessarily follow that schedule to the T. 
Cereal bars, crackers, dried fruit and nuts are some great choices.

Aaand we are done!!!I really do hope this post will be helpful to you guys. I put a lot of time and effort to pass on these words of travel-wisdom and I am hoping you will take something away from them.
I will talk to you all from across the pond, very very soon!




NOTD: Black on Dark Grey

Ahoy everyone,

I have a NOTD for you today. It is a black on dark grey design. I have seen this type of a design on blogs lately featuring pastels and bright colours but since the weather has been moody these past few days, I wanted to put a darker spin on it. For this design I used Zoya nail varnish in  "Kelly" and L'oreal Color Riche in "Black Swan"*. I hope you like it ;)



Mini Winter Giveaway!! *CLOSED*

Ahoy everyone,

I have a mini giveaway for you today. I have 5 items to giveaway today. I know it is not a lot but I do what I can to give back to you all. Now I am not going to bore you with details and stuff. It is easy to enter the giveaway which will run for a few days. 

Oriflame Silk beauty shower gel & Deodorant
Wet & Wild Wild Shine nail varnish in "Lady Luck"
Bourjois lipstick in "Sweet Kiss"

Fusion Beauty "Ultraflesh Shinebox"**
This product is a collection of highlighting products. If you are interested in a closer look then check out my previous post HERE (the post includes swatches). 

Now the rules are simple really! You need to follow my blog via GFC. There are also a couple more options for extra entries. 
This giveaway will begin today (02/02/14) and end on the 16th of February 2014 12 AM Athens Time (GMT +2). And , as always, this giveaway IS international!! 
          I will contact the winner via e-mail and he/she will have 48 hours to respond to that e-mail before I choose another winner. The package will be posted soon after I receive the winner's details. And if you are under 18 please have a parent's/ guardian's permission to enter this giveaway. ;) 

So, as per usual you can use the rafflecopter widget below to enter this giveaway...!
Good Luck Everyone

 **This product is brand new and unopened and was generously provided by www.cherryculture.com