Soap & Glory "Blueberry Thrill" Big butter review!

It's Monday today and I have been contemplating, for a little more than a day, whether I should scream bloody murder or whether I should remain calm and deal with things, as they come my way. To be honest I don't have an answer yet but I am working on it ;)
Now, on to today's post...
I am not going to rumble(o.k. maybe a little) about this product but I am going to summarize ,in one phrase, what I think about it: I ADORE IT!!!!
It is without a doubt the best body butter I have ever used.
Here is my story: My skin is a little dry and very dry at times. There are days when one single moisturiser application is enough and other days when the entire product is not enough. For several years I have been trying different products that were either too greasy and just wouldn't be absorbed by my skin or they were too gel-like and ended up leaving a sticky film on my skin. Finally, this past summer, as I was browsing the Soap and Glory products in Boots I came across this body butter. I loved the look of it and the idea of a blueberry scented body butter so I went on a limb and purchased it.
To my surprise it was the best moisturiser I had ever purchased. It smells like bluberry muffins(yum, it has a pale lavender color and it the consistency of it is very thick but non-greasy.I only need to use it once a day and with a very small amount I moisturise my body PERFECTLY. It has : Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Natural Fruit Acid Smoothers and Blueberry Oil , as stated on the company's website.
One could argue that the price is not very attractive as it costs £9.19 on the Boots website(please note that it's part of their SPA series). But,I would argue that it is worth every penny and that It lasts a long time which means you get your money's worth.
So, after returning to Greece from the U.K. in August I couldn't bring myself to start using it in fear of using it up and not being able to re-purchase it!As you can see from the photos I am almost out which makes me incredibly sad...!I hope I'll find a way to get my hands on another tub soon.

If you love blueberry and you're looking for a body butter that will help your skin recover from years of dehydration then I definately recommend this. I am in love with this product and can't wait to try more Soap & Glory products!
Have a great week my lovely readers!


  1. Mmm endiaferon..
    Genika exw kanoniko derma(swma) alla ton xeimwna ginetai arketa kshro k tote einai pou protimw ta body butters..
    Pros to paron den exw brei kapoio agaphmeno,poly tha thela na dokimasw auto pou mas proteineis alla no Boots here!
    Nice review!
    Polla filia!

  2. Pwwwwwww prepei na myrizei teleia!! Gmt na min exoume Soap & Glory edw! Psaxte ebay, isws na to vreite ekei ;) x

  3. eixa parageilei to scrub apo soap and glory,to latrepsa! murize pergamonto , apo ton asso, alla twra pleon dn ta stelnoun stin ellada! sto ebay ap oti exw psaksei einai perissotera ta metaforika ap oti i timi tou idiou tou proiontos! gt to boots na min stelnei ellada !!??!?

  4. @Artemi thanks!!to kserw re gmt...einai akrws ekneyristiko pou kapoia toso endiaferonta proionta den mporume na ta agorasoume. Kathe kalokairi pou anevainw agglia gia douleia kai gia na dw tous filous mou apo to uni gyrnaw me mia epipleon valitsa.kai vevaia ksodeyw ta misa ap'oti tha ksodeya edw...!it's not fair.

    @stavroula myrizei theika...!tha psaksw kai ebay alla tha rwthsw mia filh mou mhpws mporei na mou steilei ena tub!

    @anastasia welcome to my blog kai eyxaristw gia to comment! :)
    Ola tous ta proionta myrizoun teleia.kai kapoia pou eixa dokimasei paliotera dld. Einai krima pou den steloun ellada ta boots kai eksairetika ekneyristiko to gegonos oti plhrwneis diplo to proion logw metaforikwn!den eimaste pia kai ston voreio polo :P


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