If you think you've gone through all of your Urban Decay Primer Potion think twice...!

Hello my lovely followers!!

This is going to be a quick post on the Urban Decay Primer Potion!As some of you might already know the UDPP is an eyeshadow primer. It is an excellent product however the packaging(even though I can't deny that it's cute) is not functional.
So, once I thought I had finished my first little bottle of it I put it in my misc drawer. It sat there for ages waiting for me to decide whether it was worth depotting. About a week ago a friend of mine was depotting her own bottle and she encouraged me to do the same thing. I am not going to go into how I did it because I haven't found the perfect (or safest, for that matter)way to do it yet.However I promise that when I do I will share it with you guys.
After I cut into it I ended up scooping out a TON of product!Have a look at these pictures and believe me when I say you NEED to depot your UDPP!!

Have a great weekend guys!! :) xoxo


ELF Haul (hits and misses)

Hey all!

I haven't been blogging lately because I find myself not having time to come up with looks. Also, I tend to only have time to take pictures in the evening which is not really the ideal time to take pictures. So I come back to you guys today with a haul from ELF. This was my first purchase from ELF and I can say with some confidence I will be buying from them in the future!The products got here really fast and everything I ordered was in the package!
Now, I am going to talk about each product individually and share with you my hits and misses.

Starting with the mineral line I got 3 items (from left to right): The Elf mineral booster(large/sheer), ELF mineral blush in Coral & elf mineral eyeshadow in Socialite. A definate HIT!All three of these products are great!I will definately buy more of the mineral eyeshadows and blushes!Please let me know if you recommend any colors.

Then I got two all over color sticks in "Golden Peach"(right) and "Lilac petal" (left)!These are great for a quick blush touch-up(especially "lilac petal). I personally use "Golden Peach" as a cheek highlighter whenever I have peachy-toned blushes on.Mostly a hit

Now let me tell you about the 5 studio products (2 face products,2 brushes and an eyeliner) I got!
1.Cream eyeliner in "Coffee". A nice product that doesn't smudge or smear and has good pigmentation and formula.A HIT it is...;)

2. Elf powder and Fan brushes!Love them both.They are definate HITS!

3.Corrective concealer and Complexion Perfection Powder. I couldn't tell you whether these are hits or misses because I have barely used them. I will come back with a review though ;)

Now the last products I got were: A nailpolish in "Golden Goddess" (MISS), a therapeutic conditioning lip balm in "Blueberry creme"(A big MISS...I am so dissapointed) and a highshine lipgloss in "Flirt" (HIT).

This order was my gift to myself for my 25th birthday which was on the 2nd of November and I think it was a money well spent! Let me know if you have anyof these products or other ELF products and what you think of them!!!