My HG black...

Noir Ceramic by Chanel!!!

This nail polish is all I was ever looking for in a black nail polish!!For those of you who are not familiar with this color it is a black with some very fine silver sparkles. I am a huge fan of Chanel nail polishes and I own a few of them however this is my HG black. I am, however, missing a matte black. Does anyone have any suggestions?




Hey guys!!

Now, I wanted to do a little review of the ECOTOOLS brushes I bought the other day. I had been looking for good budget brushes for quite a while now but,instead, I decided I would take advantage of a 1+1 sale that was going on and buy some high-end brushes instead. While I was looking around I came across some ECOTOOLS brushes. I have to admit I was extremely surprised since I had heard of these brushes before but never thought any place in Greece would carry them.
I couldn't resist the idea of earth-friendly, super soft, budget brushes so I bought the blush brush and the powder brush. So far I am loving how soft the bristles are and how easy they make the product application. In my opinion these brushes offer all the things some high-end brands offer plus they are eco-friendly. Their handle is made of bamboo and their bristles are synthetic Taklon while the ferule is made from recycled aluminium(and they come in very cute pouches). If you are looking for a good powder or blush brush but you are on a budget then give these a try. I will post some pictures(as always) so you can have a look at the products.



TAG: Make-up and blogging about it!

I am so excited about this TAG mainly because it was created by a fellow blogger/ make-up junkie (as she said)": Van's make-up ride!

My love-affair with make-up started when I bought my first mascara. It looked more like a lash and brow gel but I loved it anyway! I used to hide it in my closet and put it on before going to the cinema with my classmates. My mom said it was too early in my life to start wearing make-up so that is why I used to hide it. However a year or so afterwards she gave me some of her clinique make-up (a khol liner and an eyeshadow I think) and taught me how to put khol liner in my waterline. I was happy to do just that for a couple of years and then I realised how many different products are out there. That is when I builded up a tiny collection and started doing my friends' make-up whenever I got the chance (my little lab rats :D). I took a break from make-up for a year or so (right before I started uni) and then I started trying all sorts of different products and companies and experimenting with looks and techniques. A year ago I started this blog but my intentions were different. I wanted a place to rave about all sorts of things that were related to my life. However that is when I discovered youtube and turned my blog into a place of make-up and fashion obsession!!!

I tag: Lydia (http://nottoolateblog.blogspot.com/) & Tina(http://allthevanity.blogspot.com/) as well as anyone else who would like to do this TAG!Have fun!


p.s. It is good to know that they are others out there who share the same obsession...! :D


Collective haul!

Hello lovelies!How are you this morning?
Well I have a small collective haul for you guys today! I wanted to wait a little longer to do this but the next couple of weeks are going to be very busy so I thought I might as well do it now!
So, I decided on a liquid foundation and I got the "face and body" by MAC which I think was a gr8 purchase. Then I finally got the Bobbi Brown gel black liner and I am in love with it. The formula is great and easy to work with and it is not impossible to take off at the end of the day. Also, I went ahead and bought a "nature's minerals" Body shop kabuki (blusher) because I didn't have a kabuki and I couldn't afford the MAC 182. I am quite happy with it although I get a lot of bristle fall-out from time to time. Last but not least the Mineralized eye-shadow in "young punk" from the Style Black collection (MAC) which is the prettiest super sparkly and shimmery purple I have ever seen. I also love the fact that it is combined with the characteristic "black" of the collection.
This is the end of my collective haul. Let me know if you bought anything from the Style black collection and if you have any recommendations about a bigger kabuki I want to buy(lets say sth that won't cost me a kidney)...!
As always...pictures will follow the post!

Have an amazing week!

p.s. Thanks to all my new and older followers. It means the world to me that someone would want to read my posts. Also, be on the lookout for a giveaway around the beginning of November!


"Lola" by Marc Jacobs

Hey you guys,

About a week ago I went into the MARC by Marc Jacobs store and I contemplated buying the new perfume. I had to think twice because it is relatively pricey but the moment I saw that there was only one bottle left I felt like I had to have it..(like it was waiting for me to pick it up or sth)...!I am fussy about perfumes and scents in general and I won't buy anything too floral or sweet but this has a great balanced scent. Plus the packaging and bottle are so beautiful.Here are some pictures!

Just some eye-candy for you!


September favorites.

Well....September is gone and October is offically here. I don't know whether it sucks for you guys or not but it IS here so I think we should all make the most of it.

Here are my September favorites(make-up, nails and accessories).

1. MAC "All that glitters" eye-shadow
2. NYX "Champaign and Caviar" palette
3. Bobbi Brown "Black Ink" gel liner
4. Vaseline "Rosy Lips" lip balm
5. Toyoko angled eye liner brush
6. MAC "Face and body foundation"

1. OPI "Done out in Deco" nail polish
2.Peggy Sage "Crocus"(073) nail polish


Cup-cake earrings from Top-Shop(Oxford Street).

Goodie from Japan!!A owl-shaped green ring. My cousin brought me this cute ring from Japan!

Necklaces (which I love layering lately)

1. H&M necklace.

2. Accessorize "Elephant" necklace

3. Silver Apple necklace. I am pretty sure I got this a couple of years ago from NEXT but don't take my word for it.

Hope you like this post.

I will be posting a haul as soon as I get my hands on a few more stuff on my wishlist.



pretty, girly and comfortable!Shoe stories Vol I.

Hey guys!

About a month ago I bought a pair of flats that I only just tried on 2 days ago. I got them from a store in Athens however the company sells online(as indicated on the pretty pink box)so you could check out their shoes online if you want!The brand is: Pretty Ballerinas and their website is: http://www.prettyballerinas.com/

On my nails: Chanel "Vendetta" nail polish

Have a gr8 day!