Smokey Green look!

Hey you guys,

I was messing around with some of my unused products and came up with this look. It is not a very "wearable" look per say but I had fun putting it together. I won't bore you by writing the products I used but I could list them if any of you wants to know. So let me know what you think of the look itself and ,also, if you'd like to know about the products!

Hope you're all well!!!!



Project x- pan!

Hello my lovely readers,

Today I decided I would start watching youtube videos again. I had stopped for about a month now firstly because I had very little time and then because I didn't want to "know" about the new MAC collections and products generally. The reason is simple: I have way too much make-up and I don't need any more...!
So I decided I wouldn't buy any more products until May (yes I did say MAY).Of course there is one "exception" to this! I am almost out of concealer (I use Studio Sculpt concealer by MAC)which I am going to purchase as soon as it runs out(I can't help buying concealer really so...).
But other than that I am on a strict spending ban. Except for the fact that I don't need any more stuff I think that I am going through a phase where I'd rather spend money on going out with my friends than on make-up. Also I have decided that I need to re-think and re-arrange my wardrobe so I'd rather spend some money on that at the moment.I still love doing my make-up(of course)and re-discovering products that I had forgotten all about.
Now, project x-pan is kind of my free version of project 10 pan. I am aiming at finishing as many products as possible until May so time will show. I will definately blog about it at some point(probably half way through it and then at the end of it). So...wish me luck...! ;)