NOTD featuring Barry M 's "Strawberry ice-cream" nailpolish

Hello my dear readers!
No fancy words today...just a NOTD!!
Note: I created the dots with a wooden nail stick.Nothing fancy...;)
I used two polishes:

Strawberry Ice-cream by Barry M:

and...a french manicure color from Nivea Beaute(I only used this to create the dots)

Here is what my nails look like...

I hope you'll excuse a picture heavy and light on words post but I have been in bed all day and nothing clever comes to mind at the moment!Love u all though and, as always, I hope you liked this post.
Athina :)


  1. So cute :D I love BarryM nail polishes and this one is no exception!

  2. na'sai kala!! I love Barry M polishes as well!great value for money too!

  3. Now, I shouldn't be saying this, since I have a sh*tload of nail polish, but the pink Barry M number does look pretty...!


  4. What's one more shade?? However, please don't blame me afterwards...;)


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