Flirty lavender eyes for Valentine's day!!

Hello my lovely readers. How are you? How is your week going so far?
I have an eye look for you today. I created this for Valentine's day because I thought you might need some inspiration that doesn't involve pink :P
So I came up with this flirty,smokey lavender that would compliment lots of skin tones and most hair colors. I, also tried to take pictures during the process so I could show you, step by step, how I created it.This post is picture heavy but I hope it'll also be helpful to see the process step by step!
What I used:
Too Faced Shadow insurance
217,219,239 MAC brushes
Sephora Crease brush
TOYOKO angled brush
Heartbreaker cosmetics sample mineral shadows in: Puppy Love(new love series), Anniversary(Forever Love series), Morning after(Spring09 series), First base(Spring09series)
Heartbreaker cosmetics sample : Afterglow(Charmer)

MAC "Stars n' Rockets" e/s & "Signed Sealed" e/s

Now, on to the look...
1.I started off with a primer and then applied Puppy Love(which is a very soft&warm brown shade)on my lid with a flat brush(239). I flipped the brush over and added First base(a lavender color) over the top of that brown and up to the crease of the eye.

2.With my Sephora crease brush I added "Morning after" (a dusty purple colour) to the crease.

3. With my MAC 217 I added "Anniversary"(a dark blueberry color)to the outter corner of the eye.

4.With the same brush I deepened the color of the outter corner with a small amount of "Signed, Sealed". Then with my TOYOKO angled brush I lined my upper lashline with that same color which I also smudged on my bottom lashline using a 219 MAC brush.

5. Then, with that same 219 brush I added some "Stars n' rockets" on my lover lashline. This color is so unique and due to the duo-chrome effect it has, it transforms any dark color you might put it over. After doing that I also put some glue on my false lashes(they are completely optional.You could just add mascara).

6.Lastly, I added a thin coat of mascara to keep my natural lashes curved and blended in with the falsies and I also put some black kohl pencil on my waterline. Of course I added a highlighting color on my brow bone which was "Afterglow".
Here is the finished look...I hope you like it!

Let me know what you think ;)


  1. Love it!!
    Poly omorfa xrwmata!
    Poly wraies k oi pseytikes blefarides egw akoma na aksiwthw na agorasw mia kolla ths prokophs!

  2. merci!
    Koita egw phra mia kyriws gia tutorials kai looks klp, den thn exw testarei akoma eksw(ean antexei klp). thn phra giati eixe kalh timh kai den htan entelws agnwsto to brand(eylure). Prepei na pw oti to ena kai vasiko meion ths einai oti myrizei apaisia.Thelw na dokimasw thn duo alla skeftomai kai ta 16 eyrw pou exei...hm hm hm

  3. 16eyrw??
    Ennoeitai oti einai para polla!
    Egw thn eixa dei ebay sxedon mish timh..apo kei tha thn parw otan to parw apofash :P

  4. poli oraio...plaisionei poli oraia ta matia sou episis.

  5. Beautiful look girl!!! ;)

  6. @ladyd: eyxaristw poly :)
    @tina:thanks girlie :D

  7. Love the look! You have beautiful eyes!

  8. @musicalhouses
    Thank you for the lovely comment! :)

  9. ti teleio pou to ekanes???eisai artist se ola!!polu xarika pou se anakalypsa!following!keep it up!

  10. xilia eyxaristw kai gia to comment kai gia to "follow". Xairomai pou sou arese...! :D

  11. Awww this is such a lovely look! Well done! x

  12. Poly omorfo k orees k oi vlefarides, pros8etun poli sto look ;) c

  13. Nai!exeis dikio.Pisteyw oti oi vlefarides voithane tetoiou typou looks. :)


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