Random Post Sunday: A Smoothie and a healthy lunch.

So for this week's Random Post Sunday I chose to go for a food-themed post. I don't think I have ever done a food post before but R.P.S. gives me the freedom to, so I thought...Why not???!!! :P
Now, yesterday we didn't have anything for lunch at home so I had to improvise. At first I thought, I will get some take away and get it over with. Then I thought I should try and make some healthy lunch using some stuff that I had at home. However I didn't have all that much and this is what I ended up making...
Yes I use a children's plate which features a fox, owls, birds and squirrels. I got it last summer in the camping section at Sainsbury's and I have been using it ever since because I find I eat less because the plate is smaller (maybe I am just crazy...who knows??) 
Anyway....the lunch was basically this.....
Rice noodles, tuna (in water) with mustard, lemon, pepper and 2 drops of tabasco, a teaspoon of garlic oil and half an avocado. That is all...minimal cooking(the noodles only need 4 minutes) and really healthy.


Now the second and main part of this post will be dedicated to my love of smoothies. I love making them, I love having them for breakfast, I love EVERYTHING about them really...!!
Now let's start by saying that my mom has always been breathing down my neck trying to get me to eat fruit every single day and I am very very lazy when it comes to doing it. 
So about 2 years ago I started making these smoothies to satisfy my mom and to also get my daily fruit/vitamin intake.
The only thing you really need is a tool (either a cup food processor, a multi mixer, a blender or a hand blender) and the ingredients of your choice. 
Here is my favourite combo...
I use a hand blender by Braun to make my smoothies. Other tools I use (left picture) are: a knife, a hand juicer for the oranges and at the back you can see a plastic water bottle that I tend to put my smoothies in especially when I am on the go. 
On the right you can see all the ingredients I use...: Strawberries, banana, oranges and the alpro Almond drink(it is basically almond milk). I also used one cube of ice which isn't in the picture ;) 

Here is the process in pictures....

 Now if you were making it for someone else what you could rim a glass with some brown sugar for that fancy effect...

This is how I "serve" mine 

That was this week's Random post Sunday!I really hope you like it....!As always, I would love to know what you think in the comments!!


My current skincare routine

Hello my lovelies,

How are you all this Monday? It is a national holiday in Greece today hence, I am relaxing, celebrating my mom's name day and enjoying my day off. ;)
I am also grasping this opportunity to write this post for you. I have been MIA lately and I am incredibly sorry, but sometimes life happens and you cannot really do much about it.
However I am back with this post today and I hope you'll enjoy it.
Now, on to today's post...here are all the products I am currently using.

Firstly I will be talking about my morning skincare routine...

The first product is Korres' 3in1 White tea cleansing water. I use this as my morning cleanser and I apply it with a cotton pad. I then rinse the product with some water and apply my BIODERMA Hydralabio Legere moisturiser and then the Avene sunscreen. I keep my morning routine as simple as possible for many reasons. Firstly because my time is limited and also because I think that my night routine is so elaborate that I really don't need to do much in the morning.
Now here are the products I use at night...
I, firstly use the Claring Pure Melt Cleansing gel to remove my make-up (Product review HERE).
I , then, use the Bioderma Sensibio H2O to remove any mascara residue(if there is any). After that, I use the Apivita Creamy Facial and eye foam cleanser to wash my face. Before I rinse this product off, I also use the LUSH lip scrub (the one in the photo is POPCORN). The cleanser is followed by the Clarins toner with camomile. This is the last of the cleansing products. I then, use the Apivita serum in "Lifting", the Avene soothing eye contour cream and the NUXE "Reve de Miel" lipbalm

Now, on to "special care" here are some products that I use whenever I feel that my skin needs them. 
I love the St Ives apricot scrub and I use it twice a week. I also use the Dermaglow sensitive gentle foaming cleanser whenever my skin feels extra sensitive. I also use the Simple Purifying cleansing lotion whenever I have a lot of make-up on or whenever I need a super gentle lotion.
Last but not least, I present to you the two products I use whenever I have spots to deal with. The one on the left is the Boots tea tree and Witch Hazel blemish stick and the one on the left is the Clean&Velvet roll-on anti-acne lotion. 

Aaaaand this is my skincare routine. I have purposely left out the masks I use because I have been trying out many different ones lately but I haven't made up my mind yet. Once I have, I will do a separate post. 
Until then, let me know what you think of my skincare routine. Too many products? Not enough? 

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Random Post Sunday "On repeat"...

Today's Random Post Sunday is simply a playlist....!!It is a playlist of some songs I have been loving lately...I hope you'll enjoy them as well :)

I have been loving this for a couple of weeks now

Old "classmates" can surprise you...

I am surprised myself but there you go...

A song from season 2 of "SMASH"

Another snippet from "SMASH"...can you tell I love this show yet? And Megan Hilty...what a voice....

How I wish I was in Cuba right now...

Isn't he just amazing??

Enjoy...and have a great week. This past week hasn't been the best and I have been stuck between home and work but I am hoping things will pick up next week...!There is no harm in hoping is there??


My thoughts on some new Garnier products...

Hello my lovely readers? How was your week? Work was quite busy for me and I can safely say I cannot wait to tuck myself in and go to bed. 
But before I do, I would like to share some of my thoughts with you, concerning some new Garnier products I got to try both at an event (a couple of weeks ago) as well as at home. 
Now I thought I should put some pictures together for you from the actual event. 

I very rarely feature events on my blog but this one was special simply because we got to try so much of the new stuff that are expected to hit the market in the coming months. This means that I get to report back to you about all the new and exciting products that you should expect. From body and hair oils to concealer bb creams, to sunscreen bb creams, to very interesting moisturizers. These are some of the products that caught my eye during the presentation....!!
I can safely say that I cannot wait to try the body oil when it comes out. I was also excited to see the Ambre Solair bb cream but I was a little disappointed since it will only come in one colour which is most definately way too dark for me.

We also got to take home two products. On the left and bottom of the picture below you can see the new under eye concealer bb cream and on the top-right corner the Fructis Miraculous oil hair oil. 
Now I have been using both these products for the past couple of weeks and I have some thoughts to share with you.

1. Fructis Miraculous oil hair oil: I really like this product. Even though my roots are quite oily I think that this argan oil infused product works really well for my dry ends. I use it as a treatment two to three times a week. I apply 2 pumps to the ends of my hair, leave it in for an hour or so and then wash my hair. I think this affordable oil (which is already available in stores btw) has knocked it out of the park. I mean, there are tons of hair oils out there but most of the ones I have tried have that silicone-feeling to them which does nothing for me. This one doesn't and I really enjoy that. 

2. Under-eye concealer bb cream: Now, let me firstly say that I get some nasty allergic reactions around my eyes so I was not able to use it directly on my under-eye area. 
This product is basically a much thinner version of the original bb bream and it comes with a roller-ball applicator which is actually lots of fun to use. It is tiny yet it has enough product in there. I really cannot tell you whether this is a good under-eye concealer or not since, as I have already mentioned, I cannot test it that way. I have however been using it to touch up during the day (since it's size allows me to carry it with me) and it works fine. Again, I would love to see more of a colour range for this product. I would like to keep using it and let you know in the future however at this point in time I would say that it is a nice product however I am not feeling it as much as the hair oil. 

Overall one thing is for sure...you can expect lots of new products from the brand in the next few months. :) 

Now, please do keep in mind that my opinions are my own. I am not swayed by free products however I am happy to be able to test things so you don't have to go out spending money without having the full picture. 


NOTD Essie "Who's the boss" and a sneak peak....

Just a quick NOTD for you today...featuring Essie's "Who's the boss" nail varnish. This is a wonderful sea foam green which is perfect for Spring.
 I don't actually own this varnish but the lovely lady who does my manicures and pedicures, does. However I loved it so much when I put it on my nails that I thought you should absolutely have a look. I think it is perfectly soft and pretty which makes it very wearable. 
Now, I've realised that my nail varnish box is full, as of a couple of weeks ago. I took a picture some time ago, which I, also featured in a post amongst other pictures. 

This is an even newer picture. It is a little shaky but it doesn't matter...!!
Now, I don't know if you are interested in this but I thought it would be nice to share it with you all. My collection(if you could even call it that) is not as big as some people's but I have everything I could possibly need(at least I think I do). 

See you all tomorrow with another Random Post Sunday



February Favourites ♥

Hey guys,

I am sitting here, relaxing, before I have to get ready for work and I think it is the perfect time to post my February Favourites.

This month, I was all about quick and easy make-up. I mostly used powder and concealer as a base, some cream blush and highlighter and mascara. I also took good care of my lips, as much as I possibly could. 
Here is a list of the products in the picture above: 
Illamasqua cream blusher in "Dixie" 
Collection 2000 concealer in "Light"
Maybelline Fit Me concealer in "20"
Sigma E50 brush
MAC MSF Natural in "Medium"
NUXE Reve de Miel lip balm
Bobbi Brown Corrector in "Light to Medium Bisque"
Maybelline Color Tattoo e/s in "Permanent Taupe"
Benefit "Watts Up" soft focus highlighter
The Body Shop brow and lash gel
Cargo "Lash Activator" mascara

Here are some misc favourites of mine for the month as well.
A pink/purple/white make-up bag, my 2012-2013 planner from Paperchase, a mini Slatkin & CO "Leaves" candle and a sticky clothbrush by H&M. 

I have some skincare favourites as well but I am planning on doing a separate post on my current skincare routine and feature all those products so stay tuned if you are interested in reading about my skincare routine ;) 
What did you love this month??Let me know in the comments...