My current obsessions(featuring 2 new Shop MAC Cook MAC products)

Hello Hello...

I thought I would do a post on my current obsessions which are peachy/Coral products. I am in love with these colours at the moment and they seem to have dominated my make-up choices.
Four items that I have been absolutely loving are the following...
1. Chanel "June" nail polish...enough said...;)

2. MAC "Watch me Simmer" lipstick...!This is a bright coral colour with an Amplified Creme finish. 3. MAC "Purring" tendertone. This is a cross between a lipbalm and a lipgloss and the colour is a very pretty peach(perfect for summer and spring). Both of these products are from the Shop MAC, Cook MAC collection. I ,also, wanted the peachy cream blush but I couldn't get my hands on it so I asked a friend of mine to pick it up for me.

Last but not least, is "Fresh Honey" mineralized blush from MAC(lots of MAC products I know...)

Those are my current obsessions...I would love to know yours...let me know in the comments below or do a post and leave me the link :) Love ya all... xoxo Athina


  1. Με γεια σου :)
    Υπέροχα χρώματα, αυτό το ροδακινί ελαφρός πορτοκαλί το λατρεύω!!

  2. Merciiii!!!!Ki egw ta agapw poly. Twra teleytaia omws ta xrhsimopoiw synexeia. Mou ftiaxnoun thn diathesh :)

  3. omgosh the "purring" lip pot is SOOOO pretty the color is so gorgeous!!

  4. @Lisa: Isn't it cute? It is also the perfect cross between a gloss and a balm. An amazing product for your handbag... :)

  5. June looks amazing!!! And my oh my I am gonna get this lippie for sure! =)

  6. Πολύ τέλεια όλα! Με τα tendertones δεν τρελάθηκα είχα ένα παλιά αλλά εδώ με ενοχλεί να "βουτάω" τα δάχτυλα μου σε lipbalm που ίναι πιο σταθερό και άχρωμο φαντάσου σε αυτά που είναι και πιο sticky και με χρώμα. Φαίνονται ομολογουμένως όμως λαχταριστά. Tα υπόλοιπα όλα υπέροχα!

  7. Τι όμορφα ανοιξιάτικα χρωματάκια! Είναι όλα τέλεια!

  8. Nice nail colour!


  9. Poly wraia xrwmata. To rodakini nomizw pos xarizei fysiko look. Mou aresei poly.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  10. @Argyrousa: I love the lippie!Let me know if you get it. I hope you like it.

    @Smugnificent: Koita ki egw exw ena thema me ta pots...!Akoma kai 2-3 fores pou to phra sthn douleia eplena ta xeria mou kai meta to xrhsimopoiousa. Einai ligo ekneyristiko alla to xrwma kai to consistency me exei kerdisei :)

    @Natalie: Thanks girlie :P

    @t: Thank you!

    @ Miss Margaret Cruzemark : To rodakini einai omologoumenws ena teleio xrwma gia fysiko look!!Thanks for stopping by :)

  11. M'aresoun ta xrwmata, poly anoiksiatika kai tin perimenw pws k pws tin anoiksi!

  12. Lovely! Perfect colours for spring. Now if only the weather would improve XD

  13. @Y: Ki egw thn perimenw alla edw panw den erxetai...snif snif...

    @Cel: Thank you!!Even though this weather doesn't seem to back up my choices I am not giving up...:P

  14. poly omorfaa! eidika to kragion!! egw eimai currently obsessed me ta mineralize skinfinish ta opoia xrhsimopoiw san blush (apo thn kolleksion naturally)!


  15. @NiTheMint: Eyxaristw!! Aww MSFs...!!Egw kratithika kai den agorasa alla to metanoiwnw ligo na sou pw thn alhtheia.


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