As time flies and my friends make me go through wedding pictures (:P) I can't help but wonder (as SATC Carrie would probalby say) what the hell has gotten into everyone and is our life empty because he haven't managed to be engaged (or even married) at the age of 22 (actually 23 in less than 2 months)??

Of course I am not fond of marriage as such. I guess I don't really believe in marriage. To be honest I haven't witnessed a great deal of successful mariages in my life (inc that of my parents) and I think I am never going to feel the need to get involved in a dead-end situation where you have to verify you own existence through another person. Do not get me wrong...I am really happy for my friends and acquantances that decided to tie the knot recently and I do wish them all the happiness in the world. But I can't help but feel that love can exist outside the barriers of society that force us to act like sheep sometimes.

The reason why I am questioning all this is probably because I am going through a phase which doesn't allow me to be very optimistic or romantic. Now the question is: if the opportunity arised would I go through with it, marriage that is . Well who knows...!!I really don't think I am the marrying type but when the right person comes along I will consider it.