April Favourites

It is that time of the month again when all the beauty bloggers and vloggers share their monthly favourites.
So I am hopping on that train riiiight now....!

So here they are:
1. Garnier BB cream (there is a very small amount left)
2. EOS lipbalm in summer fruit (I prefer the lemon one but this month I have been using this one more)
3. Sally Hansen cuticle gel (I looove this product)
4. MAC  "Peaches" blush (lovely colour...an all time favourite of mine)
5. YSL faux cils mascara (another all time favourite)
6. MAC Extra Dimension skinfinish in the colour "Superb" (I have a review of this product here
7. Bourjois metalise eyeliner pencil in "Brun Inoxidable" (I have been loving this as an eyeliner)
8. MAC penultimate eyeliner
9. Sigma E25 blending brush
10. OPI "Expert Touch" nail varnish remover

That is all....!!!!!!

I hope you liked my April favourites and I cannot wait to read about your favourites.


  1. Δεν θα το πιστέψεις και εγώ το κόκκινο και το κίτρινο EOS έχω! Τέλεια και τα 2!!!
    Το MAC Peaches θέλω να το πάρω και γω! Πρέπει να το πάρω και γω!!!! =)))

  2. Μολις βρηκα το blog σου!! Εγινα ηδη follower! θα χαρω να περασεις απο το δικό μου. Η τελευταια αναρτηση μου ειναι για τα INGLOT, τα οποια επιτελους ανοίγουν στην Αθηνα!!!ΓΙΟΥΠΙ


  3. @Argyrousa:
    To MAC peachesH einai all time favourite. Pisteyw tha to eyxarisththeis poly.

    @L.M. aaa ti wraia nea...an kai ap'oti eida sthn anarthsh sou anoigei sthn glyfada...!Apo ta voreia sta notia mas zorizei ligo alla xalali.thanks for stopping by! :)


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