OPI and Accessories haul!

Hello my dear readers,

How are you all? Today is the first day of my May holidays(which apparently is a thing in Russia...). I am almost done with work and I am super excited because I started doing some packing today. The weather is nice as well which is great however I seem to have been affected by some sort of allergy so I am not feeling 100%. It is not too bad to be honest especially since I don't have to go to work for another 9 days (YEAH).
Now, what I have for you today is an OPI haul. Alongside that I have 2 necklaces I bought recently and I have been really loving so I thought I would share them with you all.
Let's start with the OPI goodies and then move on to the accessories...

So I got two nail varnish colours from their permanent line which are: Dating a royal(a royal blue) and Ski Teal we drop(a dark teal colour).
I also got a mini Original Polish Remover. I love the purple remover from OPI which , I think, is called "the expert touch" so we'll see how I like this one. Last but not least I bought a full size AVOJUICE hand and body lotion in Coconut - Melon. If you like coconut and you're looking for a good hand lotion then I completely recommend this one. The only downside to this is that it contains parabens so I have decided against using it as a body lotion. And since I am on the subject I would like to BEG OPI to reformulate this and remove the parabens because it is the yummiest (is that a word?Who knows?) smelling lotion EVER.
Now on to the necklaces. ..

The one on the left is from Accessorize and it is an amazing owl (I loooove owls for those of you who don't know) and the one on the right is from H&M and it is a magnifying glass.

So that is all for now...!I hope you are enjoying Spring wherever you are and please do let me know whether you'd like to see swatches of the nail colours in a NOTD.
Also, keep and eye out for my April favourites in a couple of days.



  1. yeahhhhh!!! you bought them!!!
    kai polu kala ekanes!!! me geies!! <3

  2. Hmoun sigourh oti tha ekanes comment!!!xixi
    Nai to phra kai to kolie ligo meta pou efyges :) :)

  3. e maaaaaa tiiiii den tha ekana egw comment mana mou?? <3
    mou aresei toso i kokobagiaaaa! :D

  4. τι τέλειο μπλε!!
    πολυ ωραιο χρώμα!

  5. @caramellitsa: Fainetai yperoxo. Thelw na to xrhsimopoihsw kiolas aytes tis meres gia na dw pws akrivws vgainei :)


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