Bazaar and duty free haul...

Hello Hello,

I am back home(finally) and I couldn't be more excited because this means HOLIDAYS!!!!
How have you been my dear readers? I missed you this past week. I have been doing some shopping which I am going to share with you right now. However before I do I would like to thank and welcome my new followers/ readers. Nooooow on to the haul....!
I only picked up two things from the airport duty free store and both of them are from YSL. Firstly I picked up my mascara (the faux cils in Noir Radical) and a lipstick(Rouge Pure Couture No 6).

The lipstick blended out and simply swatched

Now, I also went to the Estee Lauder/ Sarantis bazaar with Lydia (the blogger behind : Made of Stars  and and one of my best friends) for the third year in a row and even though it wasn't as good as the previous two years I still managed to pick up some interesting stuff which I will share with you riiiiiight now ;)
(You can find last year's haul here, if you'd like to compare my shopping)
Let's take a closer look...
The first thing I went crazy over with a mini Estee Lauder kabuki from their collection with Michael Kors called "Very Hollywood"(the collection, not the brush :P).
Here is a picture...
I also picked up two brushes from MAC.These were part of a collection but I cannot remember and I do apologise for that. These brushes(the 234 and 235) are "split in half" and one side of them consists of natural bristles while the other one consists of synthetic ones. 

          234 - 235
               Synthetic side- Natural Side 
                  Moving on tooooooo lipgloss, I picked up 4....
MAC lipglass in "Wee Coquette", Estee Lauder Pure Colour UltraLight gloss in "Berry Light",
Clinique Vitamin C lip smoothie in "Pick me up" (part of a bundle on 3 mini products including the next product and a lipstick that my mom pinched :P) and last but not least the MAC Suntint in the colour "Full of grace" from the Surf Baby Collection.

Swatches (under natural light)
Moving on to the other mini Clinique product which was in the little bag/bundle. This is the perfect size for your handbag and it is, also, a lovely colour and it is called : Fresh Bloom All Over Colour in No 3/ Almond blossom. 

      From left to right: A mixture of the colours, The darkest/bronze shade, The highlight

Next up is a nailpolish I picked up from MAC and it is called "Rain of Flowers" (I think it was from the Venomous Villains Collection but correct me if I am wrong).Unfortunately the picture of the product was deleted by mistake and I have no time to take more pictures but I do have a swatch for you...
Last but definitely not least is a MAC quad in the colour "Parlor Smoke" and it is from one of the Autumn collections. This is a great smokey eye quad with some very nice and unique colours that I didn't already have in my collection :) 

From left to right: Parlor Smoke, Cross Cultural, Indigo Noir and Steel.

 That is all my lovely readers!!What do you think of my haul and the products I picked up!Let me know...



  1. παντα ειχα εναν ερωτα για τα συλλεκτικα ρουζ της clinique!με γεια σου ολα!

  2. καλώς ήρθες!!! =)))) αχ ξέρεις τι μου αρέσει περισσότερο από όλα;; Το πινέλο της εστε! Τι όμορφοοοο!!!! :*

  3. @Anna: Egw pali den eixa alla isws apokthsw twra :P

    @Argyrousa!Thank you!Kalws sas vrhka!! Ki emena tha elega oti einai isws to agaphmeno mou. Einai kai poly malako kai to TELEIO size gia tsanta...

  4. καλησπερα!τελειο το haul δεν το συζητω!!εχω ερωτευτει το ρουζ της clinique...ηθελα και εγω να επισκεφτω το bazzar, αλλα απ' ό,τι διαβασα ειχε ασπειρη ταλαιπωρια!με γεια ολααα!


  5. zileuwww!!!
    kai egw ithela na paw sto bazaar!
    alla den menw athina:(

    poly wraies oi agores pantws!

    perna ama thes kai apo to blog mou,exw kai giveaway ayto to kairo!



  6. Με γεια, με γεια σου όλα! Μα πού τα ξετρύπωσες βρε παιδί, α μου φαίνεται ότι έπρεπε να το κανονίσω κι εγώ 2-3 μέρες μετά την έναρξη, γιατί και ταλαιπωρήθηκα, και ωραία πραγματάκια σαν τα δικά σου δε βρήκα :(

  7. @sissi: Thank you! Egw den talaipwrhthika fetos..hmoun tyxerh.!!

    @VickyBeL: Einai krima pou den ginetai kai allou giati oses kopeles den menoun athina...den exoun thn dynatothta na pane. Makari na ginei tou xronou. Eyxaristw gia to comment!!

    @Evi: Thanks koritsi...!Etyxe na paw 2-3 fores me filous kai thn mother se diaforetikes meres. Alla mono epeidh menw poly konta kai pernousa opote elega katse na mpw na dw an exei kati :P

  8. Apsogo haul!!! Zileuo ^_^


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