Ready for boarding...??!!

I have a "special" post for you today...!I am , finally going home (at some point at the end of this week) and I have been packing like a crazy woman, every night after work. So, today I thought I should do a post on what essentials I will be bringing with me on the plane(mostly beauty and make-up related).

So...I am putting everything in a Body Shop orange mesh make-up bag. I, also, put a small MAC bag(I cut the top off first) inside it just in case something breaks or leaks. 
Now here is a list:
Kleenex hand wipes
Nose decongestant : If you are like me and you have a messed up nose diaphragm and allergies then you might need one of these on a plane.
A mini Chloe perfume
MAC studio fix powder for touch ups
ELF mineral blush in "Coral" for the same reason
A kabuki brush which I cannot find right now hence it not being in the photos
Eye drops because my eyes get really dry when I am travelling
Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream because everyone needs an amazing product like this to moisturise dry patches. And you can also use it as a lip balm.
OPI hand and body lotion in coconut and melon which I use as a hand lotion
Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine to use as a lip colour
Blotting tissues which I am actually out of and I am going to get some tomorrow 
last but not least my current obsession which is the................(drumroll)
Caudalie Eau de Beaute(beauty elixir)...!I have been sooo obsessed with this the last couple of weeks and I think I'll be doing a review soon(if you guys want one).

That is all my lovely readers.
What do you normally take with you when you travel by plane?Let me know in the comments... ;) 



  1. Yes plz do a review anout the Eau de Beaute! And have a nice trip :-)

  2. Sure thing!!Thank youououou!!!Can't wait to leave!!

  3. ohh heart this post i love love seeing what kinds of products people bring when they travel :)!

  4. Have a nice trip darling!!! And do let us know about the famous Caudalie water ;)

  5. I usually take with me my entire closet.

    From Paris with love!
    Kristina recently posted... Mac Hey, Sailor!.


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