Small Collective Haul!!!!

Hello my lovelies,

I have a collective haul for you today. I have been accumulating these products for well over a month now and I wanted to share them with you. So, here they are:

► Nivea Soft Hydrating Lotion
◊ I was looking for a hydrating hand lotion/ cream and I had tried this before from a friend so I decided to purchase it myself. It is not a unique product however it is good value for money. You only need a tiny bit each time because it can be a little greasy. It is great that it is supposed to double/triple as a face and body cream as well however I wouldn't use it on my face but I would use it on my body if I was out of body lotion.
► Cosmopolitan eyebrow brush & comb

◊ Not much to say really...!It is a nice and cheap eyebrow brush and comb ;)
► The Body Shop Tea tree concealer (01)
◊ I re-purchased this concealer after I run out of the one I got in January. I am obsessed with this product...!
► The Body Shop Tea tree blotting tissues

◊ Great blotting tissues that are also suitable for blemished skin! I carry them with my everywhere. A must-have product... :)
► China Glaze "Fast Forward" top coat

◊ Great fast-drying top coat. I bought my first bottle a year ago and I just ran out so I went and picked up a new one!
► AVON PRO Color and Gloss Lip Duo in Perfect Nude.

lipstick/ lipgloss
◊ I got this product as a gift with ELLE magazine and I have been carrying it with my everywhere since. Great product all around(texture, color, smell, application).
► Revlon Scented nailpolish in "Pretty in Papaya" (315)

◊ I haven't actually used this since I bought it because of the cloudy weather. However I wanted you to see a swatch so I used a fake nail ;)
► MAC eyeshadow in "HAUX" (pro palette refill pan)

◊ I back-to-mac(ed) a couple of days ago because I wanted to get a lipstick for my mom for her birthday. After she decided on "Shy girl" we had a look at some eyeshadows. I have been looking for the perfect matte taupe crease colour. The MAC artist was super helpful and he recommended "haux" so I picked it up and I have to say that I am liking it lots so far. I will let you know what I think in a couple of weeks though ;)

This was my small haul! I hope you enjoyed reading about these products. Let me know whether you'd like a review on any of them or maybe just a closer look on one of them ;)
Hope you are having a great weekend!


  1. Oh I MUST try out this concealer from the Body Shop, it must be good stuff since you like it that much! I love the Tea tree blotting tissues as well- which reminds me, must go back to TBS and stock up...

    I'd love to see what you think of the Mac eyeshadow! I devour all information on Mac products, lol

  2. @cbsg5861 I mainly use it as a corrector on my nose and chin. It is creamy and blends out quite nicely. It conceals my discolorations without looking cakey. I went back to using it after I decided that my studio sculpt(my HG concealer) was too expensive to buy every 3 months. If you try it I suggest using your fingers to blend it and set with powder. :) ;)
    I'll definately let you know how I like the eyeshadow!!!

  3. Great beauty product haul!! I love thnpe tea tree products from the body shop too that line seriously does wo dees for skin!

  4. Ooooh, I'd love to read more about the scented polish! Where did you get it from? Cost? Does it smell nice? The colour looks very pretty!!

  5. Nice haul!! :) Hmmm I've never tried TBS blotting sheets, can you please review them? ;) x

  6. ohhh i must try out the lipstick/lipgloss from avon and nail polish from revlon! very nice

    of course Haux from MAC is amazing!!
    kisses :)

  7. teleiaaa!vale to mano pou 8es kai hlious na mas peis!!

  8. @ Lisa: I agree...!wonders is the correct word!I have the concealer, blotting tissues and the oil and I have no complaints whatsoever.They are amazing!

    @Natalie: I got the polish from Hondos (Halandri). It costs 7 euros If I am not mistaken. I'll let you know if I think it is worth the money very soon. :)

    @Stavroula: Meta xaras tha kanw ena mini review...!Isws to kanw gia osa proionta ths seiras exw in order to kill multiple birds with one stone :p

    FashionSugarBubbles: Thanks for the comment hun. The Avon lipstick/gloss comes in several different colors I think. It was out with the May issue of Elle so there is still time. You do have to make an effort to check which color is in there but the "label" will be on either end so tilt the magazine and you should be able to read what it says. Hope I helped :)

    @Lydi: Ase mas re pu tha milhseis kiolas...!nai thelw hlio alla epeidh eisai kakos anthrwpos kai me diavaleis dhmosia tha kanw ena NOTD avrio h methavrio etsi gia na skaseis. Ase pou me to TERASTIO myalo mou skeftika to pseftiko nyxi gia na fanei kai to xrwma ektos mpoukaliou. Gi'ayto ti exeis na peis??e?? :P :P

  9. exw na pw oti eisai megalofuia gourouneli.well done na oum!
    telika pws murizei?

  10. Great haul!!!
    You 've picked up some lovely products!!!
    Curious to try Haux now! ;)



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