NOTD Revlon Scented Nailpolish in "Pretty in Papaya"(+Review)

Hello my dear readers!!!
I hope your weekend started in the best way possible. I have a NOTD for you today and a much requested one as well.
Here are some nail swatches

Firstly let me tell you that I bought this nailpolish for 7 euros from Hondos Center in Halandri(that's for my greek readers).Now I'll try and keep the review short and sweet...!

●It does smell nice however I couldn't necessarily tell you if it is a perfect pappaya smell but it is fruity.
● It comes in a good range of colours and smells
● It comes with a nice, big brush.
● The colour is true to the bottle ,however, it doesn't look as coral as I would like it to. This is because of my skintone and not the colour of the polish.

● The formula is a little liquidy (if that makes sense) which means that you need to be careful when applying it on your nails.
● You need two coats and you cannot get away with just one.
● It kind of chips easily however I have only used it once and that was without my favorite top-coat (china glaze's fast forward). I think that it will wear better and longer if you use a good top-coat with it.
●If you expect the smell to last as long as the polish does then you'll be dissapointed since it goes away after a day or two.

I wouldn't say that this is a must-have product for summer. However I would like to try another color/smell just to see whether the fact that,the color didn't turn out the way I expected, has thrown me off of the product a little bit. Having said that, the nailpolish itself is pretty decent but a little overpriced (but I don't know whether I should "blame" Revlon for that or the people who import the products in Greece :p ).
That's all for today and as always, I'd like to know if you've tried this and what you thought of it.
Hope you liked this post and I'm still waiting for requests and/or recommendations for future posts!


  1. nice colour!!!!

  2. loved it :) thanks for the review :D

  3. Thanks for the review!! The color looks pretty and I'd love to try a scented polish! 7 euros, huh? Well, at least you buy 14.7 ml!

  4. @Aggeliki: I'm glad you like it!:)
    @Anastasia: no prb!!!I hope it was helpful.
    @Natalie: You're welcome!:) It is a little bit pricey for a drugstore nailpolish. Especially if you consider the fact that a china glaze polish costs 10 euros. However you're right, you get quite a bit of product in there which is good. ;)

  5. Oh this is a nice peachy color so warm and sweet! I don't know about the smell but it's kinda funny! 7 euros do justice if your are satisfied darling!

  6. @Demi: I am not over the moon about it however I am giving it time. The smeel thingy is kind of funny but nice nonetheless ;)

    @lydi: ti thes re? to ekana...giati gkriniazeis? :P :P :P En tw metaksy kai gkriniazeis kai den mas les kai thn gnwmh sou...kotara!!

  7. gnwmh gia to post?
    afou 3ereis oti eisai h kaluterh.ti 8es? :P

  8. Love this, you're very honest and tell things how they are!
    I'm not wowed by Revlon nail polishes either, for all the reasons you listed!
    And yes, they're definitely overpriced here!!!


  9. @lydia: ase tis galyfies kai den me rixneis.Kanonise kafe epitelous...(asxeto :P)

    @Tina: Thank you dear.I try to be as honest as I possibly can. It isn't the worst polish in the world and it has some nice qualities but it lacks so much stuff as well. Also, I am glad that you also think they are overpriced...!:p


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