Make-up storage & tips on how to organize your "vanity"

Hello my dears!!
This is a very unique post for me. I wanted to do something different to "celebrate" my 100 subscribers before I am ready for the giveaway in a couple of weeks. So I thought you might be interested to see how I store my make-up and how I organize my "vanity". This is not a "collection" post mainly because I find those pointless and, also, because I am not a collector hence I don't have a collection. I have been accumulating make-up products for years much like any other girl who likes make-up has. Anyhow....let's get right into it...!
Now, this is how I "store" my brushes...

Next to my brushes I also have some evian facial spray, a spray bottle with brush cleanser, a second spray bottle with rubbign alcohol and nailpolish remover.
Tip: If you're going to put your brushes in a beads or pebbles make sure their ends are rounded so that your brushes won't get scratched or damaged.
These are the two sets of drawers that are on my "vanity". I use inverted commas when I say vanity because I have been using my desk as a vanity ever since I stopped using it for studying.

info: The one on the left is from "Jumbo" and the one on the right is from "IKEA".
Tip: I clean my drawers with dettol diluted in warm water. The fact that they are plastic makes it very easy for me to clean.
The inside of the drawers of the left set :)
The top:

On the top I keep some sample jars with pigments and glitters as well as my eye and lip pencils.
In the first drawer I keep eye-liners, mascaras, primers and concealers.

In the second drawer I keep my blushes and highlighters.

In the third and fourth drawer I keep eyeshadows.

In the fifth drawer I keep my lipglosses.

And in the sixth one I keep my lipsticks.

Now, in the set of drawers on the right hand side I keep my face products(powders, foundations, bronzers etc), my nailpolishes and some misc products(lashes, glitters etc). Also, on top of this set I keep my MAC and Chanel nailpolishes as well as some of my jewellery.

Tip/Info: I used to be ashamed of this drawer but let me tell you this:every girl has a misc drawer that is messier than their other drawers...!
Finally, on my vanity, I also keep my MAC 15 eye-shadow palette, a moisturizer, a sunblock, a tub of hand-cream,some tissues, cotton buds and cotton pads,a towel and some baby wipes.

Tip: You can get really cheap flannels or small face towels that you could use for a number of things. I have a couple of those flannels. One of them is to wipe my hands with, one is to lay my brushes on to dry and a third one I use when I give myself manicures.I mostly put them in the wash after they've become dirty however I tend to throw them away after 6 months.
More tips will be coming your way soon!
I hope you liked this post!I welcome all questions and comments girlies(and boys).
Thanks a million for reading my posts and following my blog!


  1. I remember I had asked you about your makeup storage from Jumbo- I went there the other day and bought me a pretty little drawer unit that I absolutely love!!! Never going back to boxes, bags and jars, from now on... So thanks for the notice ;)

  2. @cbgsg5861 Im glad I could help. I got the idea from a friend to be honest!I said goodbye to boxes,jars etc a long time ago...!I hope it works out for you as well as it has for me. I never thought that jumbo would cater to my make-up storage needs but there you go...:P
    :D :D

  3. your vanity storage is excellent simple cheap and clean...I wish some day I would have some space for my beauty products all of them are stored in a heavy beauty case!

  4. I love organization posts and I'm obsessed with Jumbo and IKEA! Btw another tip : store your creamy products (for example gel/cream eyeliners) upside down to prevent them from drying out too soon! ;) x

  5. I have plastic drawers from Jumbo too! I bought another one today because the last one was full. They are cheap and easy to clean so I'm ok till the moment I find the perfect vanity!

  6. very good idea. i had actually seen the same storage at blushingloves blog and went and bought couple of them. very nice and neat. i wish they had more colours though...

  7. polu kali idea! k polu taktotpoihmena! :D

  8. @Demi: thank you hun!Lots of ppl store their products in beauty cases because they don't have space elsewhere.I hope you can find some space because it'll make your life so much easier! :)

    @Stavroula:Great tip!!!!!!!!!I didn't know that last year when I bought the Bobbi Brown gel liner and it ended up drying faster than it should have! :(

    @Natalie: I thought about buying a second one but then I say the IKEA one and I needed something with bigger drawers so I picked that up instead. But the one from jumbo has been a lifesaver! :)

    @λειντι ντι: I wish they had more colors as well. I would have loved a purple one since everything else is purple but I am settling for the time being :P

    @FashionSugarBubbles: Eyxaristw poly. I have to admit I am a bit of a neat freak :P :P

  9. An den to exeis petaksei akoma to gel liner (pou logika tha to exeis petaksei) mporeis na to swseis! Yparxoun videakia sto youtube gia gel liner revival ;)

  10. Loved taking a peek into your "collection", you have some great products from what I can see and some carefully selected LE items! ;)))
    Everything's nicely organised, well done!!!
    And yeah, I second the "misc drawer" part of your post, you should see mine (not really)! Lol!


  11. @Stavroula: Kanw alxhmeies...!to anakateyw me ligo primer(too faced px)kai to application einai ok. Den exei poly vevaia opote perimenw na teleiwsei gia na parw kainourgio.
    @Tina: Thanks for the feedback girlie. :)


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