Jennifer Lopez "I'm into you" make-up look!!!

Hey guys,

I have a make-up look to share with you today!I was inspired to create this from JLO's new music video "I'm into you". There are a couple of make-up looks in the video however I chose to re-create(to the best of my ability of course) one of them. I you haven't seen the video yet here is a link:
note: if you fast forward to 2:06 you will see the look that inspired me to create today's post.

These are the products I used.And this is how the look turned out...

I wanted this look to be more wearable than the one in the video so I didn't make the lines as thick. Also, I used the Urban Decay transforming potion to create the lines. In the black eyeshadow I added some teal-coloured pigment("Teal" by MAC) to make the color less harsh. I added Ardell lashes(109)and some "Lash Stiletto Volume" mascara.
I hope you liked this post.


  1. aww thanks Irenaki.....!!!!!! :D :D

  2. wow that's great a love the lashes no fake at all and the bottom lashline! very impressive doll....cannot wait for other inspired looks!

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  4. Ah such a cool tutorial! Love the final look.

  5. teleio look! kane mas kai ena dramatic version!!


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