2011 cosmetics Bazaar Haul....!!!

Hello beauties!!!

I have a super exciting haul for you today! I went to the Estee Lauder/Sarantis annual bazaar today and picked up a number of things that I would like to share with you. I, mostly, bought stuff from MAC(surprise, surprise...) but I ,also, picked up some other stuff that I came across and thought they were too good to pass up...!Three of the things I bought will not be added to this haul since two of those were presents for my family and the third one is the last prize for first giveaway which will be my next post so you'll find out soon enough.
Here are the pictures:


¤MAC tinted lip conditioner SPF 15 in Gentle Coral
¤MAC pigment in "Later." (LE from the Tartan tale collection)
¤MAC pigment in "Push the edge"(If I am not mistaken this is a pro colour)
¤MAC paintpot in "Dangerous Cuvée" (LE from the Cham-Pale collection)
¤MAC Naked Honey skin salve (a got a back-up of this because it is such an amazing product.
Other products I picked up:

¤KORFF hydraenergy Comfort moisturizing cream
¤Origins White Tea body lotion
¤"Island" perfume by Michael Kors.
Here are some swatches of the pigments, paintpot and tinted lip conditioner

Tinted lip conditioner in "Gentle Coral"

"Later" Pigment

"Push the edge" Pigment

Paintpot in "Dangerous Cuvée"
I bet you're wondering how much i paid for all this so I will close this post by telling you that I paid 60 euros for all the things I mentioned above...!!The total came up to 80 but that includes some skincare items I picked up for my family.Overall I did very well and didn't spend much at all if you cosider how much stuff I bought...!
Let me know your thoughts on this haul!

p.s. This bazaar is taking place at the Estee Lauder/Sarantis offices in Athens (Μεσογείων & Τζαβέλα 67 Νέο Ψυχικό/ Mesogeion Ave & 67 Tzavela str, N. Psychiko) until the 1st of June.


  1. I love MAC tinted lip conditioners and the Gentle Coral is so nice for the summer!!! I was looking for the MAC Naked Honey skin salve! I don't think it is from MAC's basic line, is it??? Thanks for telling us about this bazaar! I'll definitely go and check it out!!! x

  2. It's a shame that a bazzar like that doesn't take place in Thessaloniki. Prices are great! I'm so jealous! Gentle coral is perfect for summer as the mac's paintpot OMG!..lucky your family such great gifts!

  3. @christina: The naked honey skin salve is not permanent unfortunately...!!It came out with the naked honey collection.Check it out if you have time!Even if there isn't that much left you could definately find a couple of things worth picking up! :)

    @Demi: It is such a shame that they don't do sth similar for you guys. Aww don't be jealous!I only picked up a few things...you should have seen ppl leaving with 3or 4 bags of stuff. We even saw a woman with a suitcase...! :o

  4. you really got yourself a great collection of products, especially the MAC items! wonderful haul.

  5. You lucky girl!! Great haul!!! =)
    Did u have to wait a long time to get in? Because I heard there was a big waiting queue! If not what time were u there? So as to march there myself too! ;)

  6. @oh to be a muse : thanks so much!I think I did quite good. I did have to restrain myself though :p

    @Argyro :Well let me tell you about the waiting thing...!To be honest I did have to wait quite a bit! A little word of advice is to go as early as you can. The guy who hands out the numbers shows up at around eight o'clock but people were standing outside even before that on the first day (which is crazy in my opinion). Do you live far?

  7. not really far-if u count the metro system! ;) but i can't be there in the morning of working days... i work till 4-5 o'clock and tomorrow i have things arranged in the morning! =\ do u think i have any chance of entering? snif!

  8. Awesome haul and at a fantastic price too! Too bad I'm not in Athens :(

  9. @Argyro: Well then...I'd suggest going on Monday after work. I mean you should be able to get in. They close at 8 o'clock. You might not be able to find that many stuff but you have a good chance of finding some stuff. You should give it a go!

    @Cel: thanks Cel!!It is frustrating that you guys are missing out! :(

  10. Teleia!
    Piges sto bazzar? Pws itan?
    Apo times ti elege?

  11. @Peggy: talaipwrhthika ligo alla xalali :p
    Eixe polla pragmata eidika tis 2 prwtes meres kai oi times htan eksairetikes!!

  12. Oh wow, excellent purchases, I see you chose wisely!!!

    Btw the prices were to good to pass, unbelievable!!!



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