NOTD Barry M "Cobalt Blue" & EOTD "Pink for Spring"

Hello lovelies!
I have a NOTD for you today and it is "Cobalt Blue" by Barry M. It is a lovely medium toned blue(no shimmer/sheen etc). It is great for spring as well as summer and the payoff is so good that I only used one coat to do my nails. Surely a second coat could turn the color darker but it looks very pretty and opaque with just one coat. Hope you like it!!

And the second part of this post is just a pink look I did a couple of days ago on a a really pretty and warm day.I don't normally wear pink eyeshadow but I was inspired by a very pretty pink-toned sunset...!!

Can't wait for your feedback!!!!!!!


  1. that Barry M is gorgeous!!I love that this looks so glossy!!Have to check it!!


  2. Gosh, the pigmentation of the BarryM nail polish is out of this world! ONE layer and you get this colour?!? That's amazing! Are the rest of the BarryM colours that pigmented?

  3. @Irene: put it on your list :)
    @cbsg5861: Some of them are some of them are more on the sheer side. Vivid purple, Racing green and blueberry ice-cream are some of the ones that I have and that are under the same category more or less...!

  4. wow..this royal glossy blue color is gorgeous...and the one layer factor, in such shade, makes this nail polish a big hit!Unfortunatelly this color won't look good in contrast to my dark skin!
    I feel incovenient too with pink shades I believe that the black eyeliner sets the difference here.

  5. I like the nail polish and the eye look is amazing!!

  6. i love this rich blue nail polish! just amazing for summer! :)

  7. @Demi: Thanks for the comment!!The eyeliner does make a difference.It kind of makes it more appropriate for an adult if you wish :P
    @Natalie: Thanks!You're very kind!
    @FashionSugarBubbles: Yep..this is going to be perfect for summer!:)

  8. I love pink e/s! Plus it looks really good on you!=) ante kali anoiksi!;)

  9. Excellent job with that eye look dear!!!
    Pink eyeshadows must really suit you! ;)



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