MAC "Technique" seminar!

Hola my beautiful readers! I have a very different post for you today. It is a post on a seminar I went to ,with some friends, last night. I wasn't aware of these seminars until a friend phoned me and asked me whether I'd like to join her. This seminar is part of a series of seminars by MAC called "Technique". Basically, what it is, is a demonstration of the use of different product to achive a specific look. The MAC artist who did this seminar was trying to achieve the look on this face-chart...

Using these products...

I love this look and I think it is great for a night out during Spring. Of course, like most of us, I would definately change things (e.g. I would skip the lip liner) but, overall, I think I would definately try a similar(possibly, slightly toned down look) for my next night out.
As far as the seminar itself is concerned I didn't learn much but it was interesting to watch a MAC artist and compare a professional's take on application and use of different products, to your own. There was a lot of scraping and mixing and ,also, a lot of layering of products which definately looks interesting but , realistically, a person who isn't a make-up addict or doesn't have an hour and a half to do her make-up in the morning, won't be able to do all this. Surely, the look presented wasn't a morning-time look but the base of the face make-up was presented as if it was the perfect way to get flawless skin. Nonetheless, the MAC artists were keen to answer any questions that came their way and they explained, to the best of their ability, techniques and uses of different products.
After we left the seminar room we went to the MAC counter and had a look at several different products including the products from the "Wonderwoman" collection and the Viva Glam Gaga II lipstick and gloss(which I tried on). Nothing wow-ed me from the former collection except for the "Mighty Afrodity" blush which I didn't purchace purely because it was a tad too expensive. I did love the new Lady Gaga viva glam lipstick though and I seriously thinking about picking it up soon. WOW...I wrote lots didn't I?ooops :P
Last but not least, we got this little case/pack from the MAC artists which includes some leaflets with the different MAC permanent products(Brushes, lips, eyes, face, prep and prime), a notepad and a pencil.

If I am correct the next seminar will take place in the beginning of May at the "Golden Hall" mall in Athens. If you wish to check it out then contact the MAC counter in Attica in the "Golden Hall" mall and let them know you'd like to attend.
Have a fun weekend guys!! :)


  1. Oh that's great news! I didn't know Mac organises these kind of seminars- I think Seventeen does some weekly 3hour seminars but I'm not 100%sure...
    What was the duration of the seminar? And most importantly, how much did it cost? I'm seriously thinking of going to the next one in May ;)

  2. well it is mostly a demonstrative seminar(they pick a look and re-create it for you step by step) hence the limited seats and also the lack of fees(yep you read correctly...it is free).I'd love it if they could turn it into a workshop instead. That sort of thing I would pay for but it's wise of them not to charge for this seminar. I think it lasted for a little less than 2 hours. Afterwards you get a 15% off(excluding collection items of course...). hope I helped :)

  3. Nice post! I'd love to go to a future seminar! I've already gone to a Seventeen one but it was more basic skills, like day and evening makeup.

  4. Thank you for the heads up, I had no idea Mac did this. I wonder if they do these here too as it sounds very interesting!

  5. I had no idea about that, thanks for letting us know! :) x

  6. I have never attended one of these seminars... It sounds like fun! Your friend from:

  7. @nataliedouka: You should definately go and check this out as well. How was the seventeen one?
    @Cel: Neither did I. Try asking whether they do it there are well ;)
    @Stavroula: No prb :) ;)
    @L.M. It was a first for me as well!thanks for stopping by! :)

  8. Oh, that would be amazing to attend, not to mention educational!!!
    Thanks for letting us know!!!



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