"Legendary" NOTD!!

Just a NOTD for you today!The legendary "Peppermint Patty" by MAC (from the "Sugarsweet" collection) with some orange dots created with "Peachy keen" by China glaze. Very colorful, I must admit, however it seemed appropriate for the sunny and warm weather last weekend! Maybe it isn't everyone's cup of tea however I still think it's fun to do as well as to wear. Hope u like it! :)



  1. I love it! Such a fun and sunny combination :)

  2. omg love your nail of the day!!! the colors are such a perfect combination and i love how you did polka dots so cute!

  3. @Cel Thank you Cel!!I'm glad you think so!! :)

    @lydi: Legendary indeed!Remember our obsession?:P

    @Lisa: thanks so much for the comment!!I created the polka dots with the head of a pin. It gives you a good amount of control over the size of the dots. I know there are special dotting tools but the pin works just as well for me :)

  4. Oh, legendary indeed, I remember when everyone was going crazy about this!!!


  5. Finally this pastel green is rocking again I see it everywhere and I start sympathising it...Polca dots are lovely you gave life to the muted color! Well done! Demi -makeyourselfrupwithdemi.blogspot.com

  6. @Tina: Yep...everyone was going crazy over it including myself :p

    @Demi: Thanks Demi for your sweet comment!I am really glad pastels are back...!Also with color blocking making a come back, I think make-up and nails are going to be very interesting these coming seasons!:)

  7. Looking great!!! =)
    Προσπάθησα κ εγώ αλλά μου βγήκαν ολίγον τι παραμορφωμένες οι τελείες!:Ρ

  8. so cute! love the combination and most of all, I like that light blue/green color!


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