Review: John Frieda "A brilliant brunette" shampoo

Hello lovelies!How have you been? I am well, in general, but Spring just doesn't agree with me!I feel ill even though I am not.Anyway...!I have a review for you today and it is a review of the John Frieda "A brilliant brunette" shampoo. I have to say I am completely in love with this shampoo and the effect it has on my hair.
I purchased it about a week ago from Sephora (which is where you can find it in Greece as well as the Hondos Center branch in Ippokratous). I, normally, don't buy moisturising shampoos since I have oily roots and a dry scalp that tends to have some flakes every now and then. For all these reasons I used to wash my hair with the "Head and shoulders" shampoos which helped with both of these issues. However, now that I am growing my hair out I have been noticing that the ends of my hair are very dry and most conditioners weight my hair down. I did used to use the Aussie mega shampoo and conditioner(alternating between these two and the "head and shoulders") which were brilliant but, unfortunately I cannot get my hands on them at the moment so I had to resort to something else.
Now, this shampoo costs a little more than 8 euros which is not too expensive, nor is it cheap. As far as I am concerned it is worth every penny. Let me , also, say that you need very little product to wash your hair so it should last me quite a long time given the fact that I use it every other day.
The product:

What they say:
Salon-inspired formula contains Enriching Technology with sweet almond oil and crushed pearls.
Rehydrates and revitalizes dull, dry, brittle hair for renewed silkiness and exceptional shine.
Brings out natural highlights and multi-dimensional shine for ultra-rich, ultra-luminous brunette.
With regular use, dry lackluster brown hair will develop incredible radiance and a silky texture.
For all shades of natural, color-treated or highlighted brunette hair
(taken from: http://www.johnfrieda.com/en-US/ProductDetail/Hair-Care/Brilliant-Brunette/Shine-Release-Moisturizing-Shampoo-For-All-Shades)

My experience:
A HG product for me that really works. I moisturizes my hair and makes it smoothe. It makes blowdrying a peace of cake and gives my hair incredible shine.
The only thing I would have to say to people with oily roots is that you should start lathering from bottom(ends) to top (scalp) so that most of the product will go to the ends that need to be moisturized as opposed to the roots. You could even dillute it with some water in your palm before putting it on your hair. I have been doing this with most of my shampoos and it helps not to use excessive product hence minimizing build-up. I hope you enjoyed this review and the small bonus tip and that you are well!
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  1. It sounds really good! I have oily roots and dry ends too, so I might give this a try! ;) What's the scent like? x

  2. I've been meaning to try this. I've used John Frieda's products when I was a blonde and I loved them. I've the same hair type, oily roots and itchy scalp and dry ends so I guess it'll work on me as well! xxx

  3. @stavroula: the scent is sweet and a little nutty but it is not heavily scented. I think the smell is quite yummy actually :P

    @Arietta: Keep in mind that I do still use my head&shoulders. It is not ideal as far as an oily scalp is concerned(that is why I only use a small amount) but it does help with my dry ends, lots...!Also the combo of the two shampoos works perfectly for me. hope I helped!Let me know what u think of it if you give it a try :)

  4. Very interesting reading about this!
    I've heard great reviews about their brunette and blonde ranges(have yet to try the latter). I've only tried their volumising shampoo, that didn't really wow me, so to speak!

    Btw, you can find John Frieda at the Ermou HC too!



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