How I store my make-up brushes (and how to paint the tips of the handles)!

Hello my lovely readers....!I know I promised a post about the carnival looks I created and I am still working on that.The "problem" is that we took lots of photos on Saturday and we need to share them with each other soon so I can sort through them and pick the ones I would like to share with you!Now, on to today's post...!
I got some questions about where I keep/store my make-up brushes and I really don't have a fancy way of doing that.I had a clear-glass vase that I filled with plastic purple "beads" that I found in Jumbo(my greek readers can definately get their hands on these beads that come in several different colors). The beads are super cheap and you could probably find something similar to them in your country. I do have a tip for you though.Don't put your brushes in pebbles or small rocks because they will get scratched. So my brush holder looks like this...


Now, I also painted the ends of my brushes so that I could distinguish them whenever I am working with other people's brushes as well as mine. I decided on a dark purple which does the job, it looks pretty and doesn't stand out too much.
I used the nailpolish method to paint them and it turned out fine. I used Barry M's Vivid purple nailpolish.

I started of by taping the tips off the handle like so...

Then I painted the ends with my nailpolish and left them,on a piece of cloth, to dry.

Afterwards I ,carefully, removed the tape and left them laying flat for another hour or so to make sure the nailpolish was as dry as possible. That was it...as simple and easy as that and it only took me 15 minutes to do(excluding drying time, of course).

I hope you liked this post and be on the look-out for my post on the Carnival make-up looks I did! :)
Hope you are well!Lots of love!


  1. I must make a visit to Jumbo, my makeup storage system is completely chaotic- a bag with listicks here, a jar of eyeliners there... Agh, I hate it! The plastic drawers thingie that peeks at the backround, is it from Jumbo, too?

  2. These beads are really helpful because the dirty brushes don't touch the clear ones if you store them together like me.
    @cdsg5861: you should definitely visit Jumbo, go to the desk organization and home decoration sections and you'll find everything for makeup storage!

  3. @cbsg5861 : Yep yep...the little drawers are from jumbo too!I think they have a new and improved version of them, as well!They used to cost 7 euros or so!You should definately check it out. I also have a set from IKEA which are also nice however they are not the perfect storage solution. ;)

    @NatalieDouka : I completely agree!!Also, you can wash and even sanitise the beads if you want. I wash them once every two months in hot water and I add some detol. However the great thing about them is that you could even replace them every 6 months if you feel like it(for example if you wanted a different color) since they are so inexpensive. :)

  4. Love your purple kick Athina mou (purple is my favourite colour)!!!
    I've been meaning to to the nail polish trick too at some point!!!


  5. I've tried to store my brushes in many ways this is a smart one my only case in this way is that the brushes are not covered with something in order to prevent them from dust or bacteria!
    I have bought from Sigma new brushes without the roll case but with the rounded tube...I must say that this is a good case because the brushes are all together the stay with face up and after using them or after cleaning them I cloce the tube! I clean reguralry the tube with dettol hankies so I suppose I have mininized the bacteria factor!

  6. the make me up collection by sigma really seems like an amazing storage solution. I am really looking forward to trying it out at some point!thanks for the comment! :)


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