Lady Gaga Viva Glam II Lipstick

Hello my lovely readers!I have some swatches of the Lady Gaga Viva Glam II Lipstick for you today. I have fallen in love with this lipstick the moment I swatched in the shop but I hesitated to buy it because of the price (18 euros). I am not a big lipstick person to be honest. I have around 15 lipsticks and I barely wear 5 of them. But after trying it on I absolutely loved how it looked on me and, also, I thought it would be a great nude for someone who has really pigmented lips(exactly like myself) because it really cancels out their natural colour, but at the same time it is not too tip-ex like...!:P
So, before I managed to pick it up my mom went over to a MAC counter and picked it up for me!You gotta love moms who are understanding towards their daughters' make-up addiction! ;)
Anyhow...here are the photos...!Please do keep in mind that my lipstick doesn't have the Lady Gaga signature on it. I am not sure exactly why however I did my research and apparently there is some kind of copyright issue involved. I really don't care about the signature since I am not a collector as such. I love the colour regardless of the packaging and I have to say that since I got it I have been wearing it on my lips every day!That's all for today guys!Enjoy the photos and let me know what you think! ;)



  1. Ah, I was debating on buying this lipstick- the minute I found out Lady Gaga had a makeup like with MAC I immediately wanted it all haha

  2. Thanks for your comment!I was debating on buying it as well but I caved :P :P

  3. I saw it at Mac the other day and thought, hmm that must be a nice nude... I have trouble wearing Creme d'Nude (which everyone seems to love, beats me!) so this could be a more wearable option. Nice lip swatch!

  4. I'm not fond of this lipstick maybe it's because to my dark skin...on yours looks realy nice

  5. @cbsg5861 Thanks!I haven't tried cremed'nude yet. This is my first nude lipstick!It's worth trying it on I think. I wasn't a huge fan of nudes before I picked this up. :)

    @Demi Thank you!I think it looks ok on me because I have very pale skin and pigmented lips. Maybe it doesn't look as good on darker skin tones.

  6. This looks really pretty! Oh, if I ever tell to my mum to go and buy me an 18euros lipstick she will definitely kill me! lol!

  7. ouiii ti wraio xrwmataki!!!!!

  8. Ohhh, I WANTTTTTT!!!! Stunning nude!!!!

  9. @Natalie: It is isn't it? Well, I only told her to check out whether they had any left!She offered to buy it so I kind of feel less guilty (cheeky I know :P)

    @Elena: haha!einai teleioooo :)

    @Tina:Thanks dear!It is indeed, stunning :)


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