Random Post Sunday: Things I suck at!!

So, I have been contemplating starting a feature post for a while now but I was unsure about the content. And since I have been enjoying vlogs on youtube lately I thought I should start the "Random Post Sunday" feature where I will write a random post every Sunday, about any topic that I feel is entertaining and/or informative. It probably won't be beauty related (or it might...who knows??!!)but I hope you'll still enjoy it....!!Let me know what you think...;)

So, I was watching the lovely and absolutely hilarious Jenna Marbles and I stumbled across the "Things I suck at" video she made a while ago and I thought I should also be honest with myself and others and share with you some of the things I suck at....

1. I suck at ironing. 
The truth is, I suck at it because I think it is an unnecessary, time-consuming activity, hence I don't even bother with it. 

2. I suck at football.
I really suck at football...!Enough said... :P

3. I suck at saying no to my dog.
Just one look at her puppy eyes and all my self-coaching goes out the window...!
Me: No, you're not going to give her another treat.
*Puppy eyes*
Me: Oh there you go...here is another little treat. 

4. I suck at picking up heavy stuff.
I have NO upper body strength...!!

5. I suck at controlling myself when I go make-up shopping.
Come on...admit it...you can relate to this one...

6. I suck at taking my own advice.
Yep...another classic...!!However I would have to say that I do often take my own advice...well not often...but a good 40% of the time...!

7. I suck at knowing when to stop talking.
Much like other people who talk a lot, I often have issues determining what is the right moment to stop talking. Fortunately, I do have a good sense of limits when it comes to embarrassing myself or others...!So, I can keep my mouth shut when I have to but when I don't I can go on and on...:P 

8. I suck at controlling my left eyebrow. 
Let me briefly explain...!Whenever I don't like something, someone is talking about or I strongly disagree with them, I will raise my left eyebrow, slightly. This involuntary action is very difficult to control which often results in awkward encounters with people who don't know me all that well. 

9. I suck at taking compliments. 
As many my friends, ex-boyfriends, family members and acquaintances will tell you I suck at taking compliments...!When someone gives me a compliment I will normally come up with a response along the lines of: 
Really??? *awkward silence* well...thanks...
Well, it's ok...
Yep, whatever...
Oh well...
Oh, I don't like it
It sucks really but what can you do

10. I suck at chess.
Much like Jenna, I suck at chess...!I think my brain just goes: DOES NOT COMPUTE...when it comes to chess...!

So...there you have it...."Things I suck at"....!!For obvious reasons, I omitted some personal embarrassing failures...! :P
I hope this post was, at least, entertaining....! ;)



  1. I surely suck ironing! I had done so much ironing in my life that even when I see clothes for ironing I get pimples! And I definitely suck on taking compliments , is the most awkward moments of my life! Haha


    1. I love the fact that I am not alone in the whole compliment thing...!It's just awkward isn't it??xxx

  2. ahahahaha we have too many things in common dear, where do i even start? such a fun post :) xxx

  3. this is so cute hehe :) i can't iron for my life either! i always burn things!!! and i can never say no to my doggies too :p

    1. I don't burn stuff really I just don't bother with it :P :P
      As for the doggies how can you say no??!! <3

  4. haha this is funny, we have things in common for sure! I suck at football too and picking heavy stuff!

    1. I am so glad people thought it was funny...that was why I did it in the first place. Also, good to see I have things in common with my readers ;) ;)


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