Clarins "Pure Melt Cleansing Gel" mini review.

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I am back today with a mini review. The product featured in today's post is a product that I first bought a couple of months ago and I have been loving it ever since. So, I thought I should do a mini review to let you all know my thoughts.

Now this product is relatively pricey but not outrageously pricey. I think the price tag on it is around 26-28 euro (depending on where you buy it from). Clarins happens to be one of my very favourite high-end skincare brands and I swear by most of their products. My mom also loves the brand which says a lot since my mom is even pickier than I am.
Now the "Pure Melt Cleansing Gel", as the name suggests, is a cleansing product for all skin types.
Here is what the company says about the product:

 "A true cleansing sensation! Clarins triple-texture cleansing gel transforms into an oil that melts-away every last trace of excess oil and impurities—including the heaviest make-up. Water-activates the gel into a silky milk that rinses skin clean. Soothes and nourishes with Marula Oil for optimal radiance and comfort."

Quoted from the company's website

As the company informs us this is a gel product which transforms into an oil which changes into a milk when it comes in contact with water. 
This is a unique formula which gives you a very luxurious feeling and it cleanses your skin like a dream. What I think the trick with this product is, is to apply it on dry skin, massage it into the skin and on the eyes (if you want to remove your eye make-up as well) and then rinse it off.
I have used many make-up removing products in my time and this is currently the best one out of all of them. Of course I still love the Bioderma and the Apivita cleansing facial soap but this product is very special to me. I love how nice it feels on the skin and how well it removes my make-up and cleanses my skin at the same time.

All in all, a great product that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a cleansing/make-up removing product. I swear by this stuff and I think I will keep re-purchasing it for a loooong loooong time!!

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I hope you liked my mini review. Let me know what you think!! Have you ever tried this product?What cleansing product do you swear by??



  1. prepei na to dokimasw opwsdhpote! emena agaphmeno mou einai apo th seira normaderm ths vichy!

    1. Thymise mou na sou dwsw se ena vazaki mia mera na dokimaseis. Prepei na parw sample jars giati exume diafora pou prepei na dokimaseis :p ;)


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