Random Post Sunday "Youtube edition"

Good afternoon my lovely readers,

First and foremost, I would like to say that I am sorry I haven't posted anything since last Sunday but it has been quite hectic around here. Things should be better this week so expect at least one post in the next couple of days. Now today I have another "Random Post Sunday" for you, and this one will feature some of my favourite channels on youtube. Some of this you'll know and some them you won't but I think they are all worth mentioning one way or another!!


"CTFxC/ Internet Killed Television": This young couple from Florida and their two doggies are interesting to say the very least. I love watching Charles and Alli...and I cannot wait for the next CTFxC (as their show is called) to be uploaded. 

Entertainment/ General Context (in no particular order): 

1. "Jenna Marbles": You all know who she is. Love her or hate her she is hilarious...that you can't deny. 

2. "Jim Chapman": He reminds me of a very good friend of mine back in the U.K. and I mostly agree with him. 

3. "College Humour/ The Six" : Funny sketches that you might be able to relate to :P 


There are two news channels that I watch, religiously. They were both started by Philip De Franco who, without a doubt, is youtube royalty. 
The first channel is Phil's channel and it is called "The Philip De Franco Show" and the second channel is "SourceFed". 


Now, this category had to be included in this post....!!I have many beauty channel favourites but I will limit myself to the top 4. I have also excluded some staple channels such as Lisa Eldridge and Pixiwoo since you all know them and probably already watch their channels.

1.  "Essie Button" Estee is gorgeous, funny, interesting to watch and I absolutely love her videos.

2.  "Fleur De Force" I like watching Fleur. She is elegant and has a great taste!

3.  "Tanya Burr" Another British girl whom I like watching.

4.  "Nikkie Tutorials" I love Nikkie...!She is so incredibly talented and she is like a ray of sunshine...!Very positive and very funny!!

That is all for today!!I hope you enjoyed this post...!xoxo



  1. So much to look! I love these posts, find them really interesting!


    1. I like these posts too! There are so many youtubers and it is hard to choose who is worth watching!

  2. polu mou aresoun oi random post sundays!xx

    1. xairomai!!Ki emena mou aresoun na sou pw...mporw na grapsw se ena post o,ti mou erthei..:P


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