Collective haul

Hey guys,

How are you all today??I am working the afternoon shift today and I thought I should do a post before I get out of bed and start getting ready for work. This morning I visited INGLOT for the first time in a couple of years and I got a some stuff (I was solo good...you'll see). So, after I came back I decided to gather all of the products I have purchased since the New Year and do a small collective haul for you.

This is everything...!!

Some Skincare
Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel
Bioderma Hydralabio Legere Creme
NUXE Reve de Miel lipbalm

My very favourite Chloe Perfume, a present from my mom. 

Nail products
Nfu.of nail lacquer (No 40)
Peggy Sage base/nail hardener
MAVALA white polish (No49)

Inglot double palette (107 R on the left and 330 on the right)
Bobbi Brown corrector in Light to Medium Bisque
ELF HD Blush in "Showstopper" 

These were all the products I've bought recently...! I hope you enjoyed this short post.



  1. Nice haul honey!waiting for a review on the Bobbi Brown corrector!!


    1. Thanks hun!! I will do a concealer/corrector review next week if you want ;)

  2. wanna know your thought on the Nfu.oh and the ELF HD Blush pleaseeee!! =)
    Καλό μήνα!!

    1. Epishs...!!Kalo mhna na exoume!! :)
      I like the Nfu.oh but I cannot really comment on the longevity since it is only a flaky type of polish. It applies well on itself and on top of other polishes though. I have been using it on the tips of my nails over Orly's "Confetti" and it looks real pretty!
      I will do a review on the ELF HD blush once I've used it a couple of times. So far I have one comment and one comment only...INCREDIBLE PIGMENTATION.

  3. yperoxo post!!!

    me xara se proskalw k sto diko mas blog http://laviestsuperbe.blogspot.gr

  4. aaah inglot! etoimasou! telika 8a pame :P kai pes mas kai gia thn kremoula bioderma! mats mouts!

    1. me apeileis?? :P perimenw pws kai pws ;)


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