November favourites!!!

Well hello....!!!!It is, finally, December and since the Christmas holiday month is upon us I think it is time to say goodbye to November (who left me a year older...:P) with some favourite products.
Here are all the products with a rather Christmassy background.

Let's start with a brush!This past month I have been loving my Sigma P82. I have been using it every day since I got it and I just can't live without it now!!

On my nails: Barry M nail paint in Racing green and China glaze "Snow Globe" on the ring finger.
Next up are two "all time classic" MAC products that I have been loving lately. These are: the studio finish concealer(NW25)and the Studio Fix powder(C3). I don't wear liquid foundation on a daily basis because I haven't found one that gives me the light coverage I want and stays on all day(any recommendations are welcome by the way).So, instead, I like putting on concealer on my nose, chin and under my eyes and then I use a powder brush with my foundation powder to set the concealer and even out my skin.

The next favourite is the Illamasqua cream blusher in "Dixie"(No suurprise there).Amazing cream blusher...I totally recommend it!!

Another non-surprising favourite is the Zoya nailpolish in "Kelly".

Then, we have the Lancome Hypnose mascara. I don't know whether they have changed the formulation the last couple of years but this new version is pretty good.

Since you probably know what the packaging looks like I took a picture of the brush instead.
Last but not least, I have been LOVING this NO7 stay perfect eyeshadow in the colour Weatsheaf. This is my third re-purchase of this product which goes to show you that I just cannot live without it. It is my perfect sligtly shimmery nude.

Now since I got a vote of confidence on the LOTM (look of the month), I will include one in this post as well. The picture is not very clear but you'll get the idea behind it, hopefully.

The look is basically a very thin winged liner with a matte eye contour colour("Buck" from the U.D. NAKED palette), paired with dark red/ berry lips. This specific lip colour is from the MAC glitter and ice collection and it is called "What joy". If you'd like to see swatches let me know ;)
Also please ignore the fur hood...it is a must in Moscow if you want to survive the winter... :P

Those are my November favourites and I cannot wait to hear/ read about yours!!!! :)


  1. I love Studio Fix. If you want a lighter coverage liquid like you were mentioning, check out MAC's new Match master

  2. @David Thanks for the tip. I'll pop by MAC next week and check it out. Do you have any idea how it wears? I work 10 hour days and I need sth that wears well throughout the day.

  3. love studio fix ! i want to buy one!


  4. You look lovely, doll!
    Ahhh can you lend us some cold Moscow weather, please? I would kill for a little bit of snow in Athens! <3 the fur hat ;)

  5. @FashionSugarBubbles
    I have been loving studio fix for years!!:)

    @Evi: I can lend you all the cold you want my dear. I really miss the sunshine...and I am kind of sick of the snow(which I normally love). The fur hat is a must if you don't want your ears to fall off... ;p

  6. Zoya Kelly is a classic indeed! I find the Illamasqua blush very intriguing too.
    Loving the LOTM pic, you look gorgeous :)


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