Kerastase Elixir K Ultime Review.

Hello my dears,

Today's post is a review on a product I was sent a while back. However, before I get started let me say that even though I was sent this product, I was not asked to review it neither was I compensated for the review. For those of you who have been my readers for a while you know that I would never risk my "relationship" with you guys by giving a positive review on a product I don't like just because the company sent it to me. I have reviewed plenty of products in the past, the 99% of which was purchased by me.
Also, let me tell you that I have been holding back on this review because I was waiting for some external input to enrich this post(as I mentioned in my last post).
Now let's get started!!

This is a hair product(an oil) which is used to nourish and condition the hair.
Given the fact that I have oily roots I have never tried a similar product to this. In the past I have used traditional conditioners as well as a couple of different silicone products but, in time, I became resigned to the idea that I can nourish my dry ends without making my roots more oily than they already are.
Before I got a chance to try this product I did a little bit of online research and read some reviews. Most people mentioned the fact that it is very lightweight, that it is very nourishing and it that it smells great. I have to say that I agree for the most part. I was , also, worried that it would be one of these products that would only work if you apply it on damp hair and then style.
Now, in order to make this review more elaborate I gave samples to a couple of friends to try the product. We all have different hair types so I thought this might help a lot of you.

I will start with my experience with the product and then share with you some comments from the other people who tried it.
My review:

It is lightweight.
It can be used before the shower and then washed off and it still works.
It makes the hair soft and easy to style.
It doesn't weight down fine hair, like mine(when used as a pre-shower treatment)
It smells phenomenal(I know this might not be very important to some but I just wanted to add it to the list of positive things because it is truly yummy).
A little goes a long way.
Since I am also a sucker for packaging I have to say that the special packaging of the product I received(which was a collaboration with the designer brand YAZBUKEY) is very pretty.

If you have oily roots you should stick to using it before the shower because(like any oil product) it will not help with your oilyness.

The price! Given the fact it is a very difficult time for most people, I would say that the price of this product is not very attractive.However, If you want to try it I would suggest finding a friend(or two) who wants to try it as well and sharing the cost and the product.

I would not recommend going crazy with it since it is still an oil even though it is lightweight. Two pumps are plenty for the entire hair(that is if you have fine/oily hair like mine).

If you have hair similar to mine don't use this on the roots of your hair.Start applying it from the middle part of the hair downwards.

Now, here are some comments from some of my friends who tried it as well...

Lydia aka our guest blogger(straight,fine hair that has been coloured a lot in the past and it goes through styling daily): It made my hair really soft however the smell is a little overpowering for my liking.

Kate(curly hair, relatively normal but with dry ends and a history of dying and styling):"I like the product.It leaves my hair soft and looking nice and shiny. Also, after styling my hair I witnessed a lovely silky feeling."

I hope you found this interesting and helpful. Of course,I welcome your questions and comments as always!!



  1. I have thin and dry hair and I'm a recent convert to oil products. I've never used the Kerastase one, but I've recently purchased the Morrocanoil Light (I believe it's a similar product to the Kerastase Elixir) and it it awesome! It untangles my hair like a breeze, it softens them, it adds shine, in a few words I love it! I'm tempted though to try the Elixir next time!

  2. @ScrapgalGR: I haven't tried the Morrocanoil even though I have been reading tons on post about it. However I haven't heard much about the "light" version. I think I might give it a go after I am out of my Elixir Ultime since I have been feeling more receptive towards oil products after using it :)


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