Garnier BB cream review!!

I know this is a long awaited post and I would like to say that I am sorry for taking so long to do this but a xouple of things went wrong, the most important of all being that I lost the pictures I took of the products and the swatches and then, I left the product at home in one of my trips from Moscow to Greece. So, I had to ask the lovely Evi (http://cbsg5861.blogspot.com/) to send me some of her pictures to use in this post.

Let's start by saying a little bit about the product. BB stands for Blemish Balm and it has been around for ages especially in Asian markets. But the West is catching up and introducing BB creams to its public.
Now, I am a big fan of tinted moisturisers and lightweight foundations because I love the fact that they even out my skin without looking cakey so, before I got this I was so excited to try it.
Now, on to the review...!
On the packaging: Miracle Skin Perfector. Daily all-in-one BB cream.

Very easy to blend
Evens out skintone
Affordable (retail price: 9,99 euro)
Widely available(In Greece you can buy it from Hondos Center and in the U.K. you can get it from both Boots and Superdrug).
Dewy finish(This is on the + list especially at this time of year when my skin is super dry...)
Perfect for people like me who love an even skin without a massive amount of coverage.
I am not loving the smell. It is not horrible or anything but I am not a fan.
If you are expecting foundation-like coverage this is not a product for you.

I hope this review has helpful and I would love to know what you think of the product if you try it(or if you have already tried it).

**Note: These products were sent to me by the company for review purposes. I was not compensated for this review and I am not affiliated with the company.
I ALWAYS give my 100% honest opinion because I respect my readers and cherish their trust.**

The pictures are courtesy of Evi (http://cbsg5861.blogspot.com/) and I would like to thank her for the helping blog-hand!!



  1. Girl I'm happy I helped you out with the pics! xx

    About the Garnier BB cream, I love this product. It introduced me to tinted moisturisers and now I want to try more ;)

  2. Tinted moisturisers are my number one base...!I am not a foundation lover (at least not yet)...! Thanks again for the helping hand ;)

  3. I haven´t tried this product yet but it sounds very promising. Thas for the review! Happy New Year. :)

  4. @Glee: No prb...I am glad I could help. If you try it you have to let me know whether you liked it. :)

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  6. girls the bb cream is awesome!!! is my daily routine every day even if i won't have time !!!!!! :) A MUST TRY PRODUCT!!!!


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