Top 11+ of 2011

Hello Hello!!!
It is the 30th of December today and Christmas 2011 was only a couple of days ago. My Christmas was pretty cool considering the lack of friends and family.
Now, 2011 is coming to an end and it is , of course, time for the products that were loved the most this year!I will start with beauty products...
Here is the list:

UD Naked Palette(surprised??I don't think so...)

MAC "Peaches" blush

NARS "Laguna" bronzer(an all time classic product for me)

MAC Lady Gaga lipstick "Viva glam Gaga II"

Bobbi Brown gel liner(Black Ink)

ELF mineral blush in the colour "Coral"

Vaseline lip therapy lip balm (I love all of them but ,recently, I have been reaching for the one in Cocoa Butter).

Sigma "F80" brush

Bobbi brown tinted moisturiser (my colour is "Light Tint")

No7 Stay Perfect eyeshadown in the colour "wheatsheaf"

Dior Addict Ultra gloss in the colour "Reflect"

As a bonus I am also going to list my 4 most worn nail colours of 2011(one for each season starting with Autumn) as well as the 4 top skincare products.

OPI "Done out in deco"
Essie "Bahama mama"

Barry M Boots Limited edition No 24
Orly "Pixy Styx"

Unfortunately I don't have swatches for this polish...


Bepanthol moisturising lotion

LUSH tea tree toner

Apivita Creamy face and eye foam cleanser with olive and lavender.

Simple kind to skin Clarifying Cleansing lotion
That is all...!I hope you like this post and that you had a great Christmas.
Lastly, I wish all of you a wonderful new year. May it bring you hapiness, good health and leave you with numerous great memories!! :)
Love you all!



  1. Very nice top 11. I was pretty close to put Naked in mine but it came just a little bit after dangerous palette of UD. There several products here I'd like to try like ELF's mineral blushes. And of course after hearing so wonderful things about Sigma's F80 I think this must be my first Sigma brush.

  2. polu omorfa ola!ennoeitai naked,bepanthol kai sigma f80 latremena!:) agapisa to barry m mano alla einai limited!

  3. @smugnificent: Thank you! The ELF mineral blush is a great product, you should try it! And the F80 is a must-have!!

    @lucy: thanks lucy!! Isws mporeseis na to vreis to mano ean to psakseis! :)


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