Happy New Year and 5 Beauty Resolutions for 2010

HAPPY 2011 EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish you all the best for 2011!May all of your wishes come true.
I hope you guys had a wonderful New Year's Eve and that you spent it with the people you love the most. I had a great time with my friends but unfortunately it was impossible to combine everyone's schedule. Nonetheless it was a wonderful start to the new year.

Now I'd like to share with you my beauty resolutions for 2011!

1. Make sure I have removed all my make-up and washed my face thoroughly before I go to bed at night.
I have been pretty good at doing this but sometimes I get a little lazy and end up forgetting to moisturise or use both a soap and a toner every night.

2. STOP picking my blemishes!
Ok, so I normally don't do this but I am human after all and sometimes I cave...!This year I will stick to cleansing my skin and treat my blemishes with tea tree oil.

3. STOP wearing make-up for the sake of wearing it.
Sometimes I put on make-up for the sake of putting it on. This has to stop...! Sometimes concealer might be all you need(that is if you have huge dark purple/green/blue circles like I do).

4. Use up products before purchasing more products.
I am not a collector but I do have some limited edition products that I'd like to keep around for longer. However there are some products I love using which I ,then, tend to switch up in order not to use them up. I think this is something I need to change this year.More finished products means more chances of discovering new and exciting products to use!

5. Try different things in order to perfect my techniques.
Find friends who are willing to model some looks for me. It is very different doing your own make-up and doing someone else's. I think I need to experiment more and learn new things in order to become a better blogger.

So, these are my 2011 beauty resolutions...!I hope you liked this post!Also, let me know what your 2011 beauty resolutions are because I would love to know!


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  1. Great resolutions, very reasonable and achievable!!!
    Good luck with everything! :)


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